Company History

Tripp Lite World Headquarters, Chicago, Illinois USA
Tripp Lite World Headquarters
Chicago, Illinois U.S.A.

Founded in 1922, Tripp Lite is a dynamic, forward-thinking company with a strong commitment to the success and satisfaction of its business partners and customers. For more than 90 years, our company has been meeting and mastering the challenges of an ever-evolving business environment. Today, Tripp Lite offers more than 3,000 products, ranging from network-grade UPS systems to cables for every application. On the desktop, in the data center, wherever power and information flow, products and services that solve customers' problems and meet their highest expectations are the hallmarks of a Tripp Lite solution.

Tripp Lite Milestones


Graham Trippe, a Chicago-area inventor, obtains a patent for a new precision-focused automobile headlight. The unique design of the Trippe "Speed Light" wins the gold medal at both the 1928 and 1929 Paris Exposition of Innovation.


The Trippe "Speed Light" becomes a successful automotive accessory, improving visibility on all types of automobiles, including fine touring cars.


The Trippe "Speed Light" is tailored for use on U.S. army tanks in WWII.


As high-beam headlights become standard equipment on post-war vehicles, Trippe Manufacturing Company, now known as Tripp Lite, expands into the production of rotating warning lights. These sell to many different businesses, as well as the police, fire and ambulance markets.


Addressing a newfound need for onboard AC power in ambulances and recreational vehicles, Tripp Lite develops a line of DC-to-AC inverters.


Tripp Lite grows to become the best-known manufacturer of portable inverters in the world—providing portable power for everything from RVs to alternative energy applications.



On the heels of the PC revolution, businesses decentralize their IT structures, swapping mainframes for multiple servers running specialized applications. In addition, businesses begin to rely on the Internet. Tripp Lite's product line expands to address the broad spectrum of these specialized needs. To help ensure 100% server availability, Tripp Lite adds more comprehensive protection features to its UPS line, including unattended shutdown software. In addition, Tripp Lite introduces two new product lines: network cables and KVM switches.

In 1996, Tripp Lite gains ISO 9001 certification by consistently achieving the highest standards of design, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and service.

Keeping pace with its rapidly expanding product line, Tripp Lite's corporate infrastructure expands as well. In 1998, to maintain its reputation as having the largest stock of ready-to-ship inventory, Tripp Lite relocates its world headquarters to a 1 million square foot facility (formerly occupied by catalog giant Spiegel) in Chicago. Currently, the facility is at the center of a global distribution, sales and support network that services the needs of Tripp Lite customers in over 80 countries worldwide.

As the 90s come to a close, Tripp Lite enters a rapid growth phase, fuelled by acquisition, product-line expansion and organic growth.


With nearly 20 million Isobars and 9 million UPS systems sold, Tripp Lite continues to adapt to the unique needs of its customers. Tripp Lite enters the rapidly expanding healthcare market with innovative products for patient care use and obtains two new patents for these unique designs. Additionally, it now provides patient cart OEMs with mobile Tripp Lite power, quickly becoming the market leader in this growing space. Other market entries include a suite of high-end A/V power protection and a full line of TAA-approved power products.

2010s to Present

The rapid evolution of the data center has once again centralized the IT function and created a booming market for hosted and managed networks. Recognizing this seismic shift, Tripp Lite has developed an array of infrastructure hardware solutions, including a broad line of rack enclosures, power distribution units (including networked and managed PDUs in both single- and 3-phase), cooling solutions, network switches and literally thousands of cables and connectivity products. In addressing the specific needs of the data center customer, Tripp Lite adds customization capability to its product development practice, enabling a "solution sales" structure for this market. The data center solution set is further enhanced by software products, including network power management, SNMP, environmental monitoring, asset management and a multi-device management suite designed for infrastructure environments. All of the Tripp Lite software and hardware solutions are "DCIM Ready," further enabling the next generation of data center management.

Tripp Lite's goal is to provide solutions to power, protect, organize, secure, manage, connect and cool IT and telecom applications, from the desktop to the data center. Moving forward, we will maintain our rapid growth trajectory by leveraging our channel partners' reach and expertise to service our customers. We will continue to listen to our customers for guidance on everything from new product development to customer service improvements.