Line Interactive Sine Wave UPS System 1kVA SNMP 1U Rack Mount USB RS232 EPO 120V

SmartPro 1kVA 800W Line Interactive Sine Wave UPS, SNMPWEBCARD option, 1U Rackmount, USB, RS232, EPO, 120V

Model Number: SMART1000RM1U

  • 1kVA / 1000VA / 800W line interactive 1U rackmount UPS, Sine Wave
  • 120V output, Corrects brownouts and overvoltages from 83V to 147V
  • 0.8 Power Factor, Front panel status LEDs
  • Mounting brackets support 2 and 4 post installation
  • 99% line-mode efficiency, 2 switched load banks
  • USB, RS232, EPO and slot for SNMPWEBCARD option
  • 120V NEMA 5-15P input, 6 NEMA 5-15R outlets
  • This product is ENERGY STAR qualified for its ability to save customers money while helping to protect the environment

    Tripp Lite SMART1000RM1U 1000VA / 1kVA / 800 watt line interactive, sine wave UPS system offers complete power protection for critical network applications in a highly efficient 1U total rack/tower configuration. Simultaneous-use network management interfaces include USB, RS-232 and optional SNMP/Web accessory card. Line interactive voltage regulation, network-grade surge suppression and long-lasting sine wave AC output during blackouts make this UPS ideal for advanced networking applications in datacenters, computer rooms and network closets.

    Key Features

    • Tripp Lite SMART1000RM1U 1kVA / 1000VA / 800 watt line interactive UPS
    • 1U rack/tower compatible form factor
    • Included mounting brackets support 2 and 4 post rackmount installation; Optional 4POSTRAILKIT1U is available for additional support
    • NEMA 5-15P input; 6 5-15R output receptacles
    • Installed depth of only 16.75 in. / 42.5cm
    • Sine wave output in both AC and battery backup modes
    • Line Interactive UPS provides Automatic Voltage Regulation / AVR to maintain 120V nominal output during brownouts to 83V and overvoltages to 147V without using battery power
    • Full load efficiency rating of 99% saves energy and ensures cool operating temperatures
    • Integrated 2 bank switched PDU enables remote outlet management for load shedding or remote reboot of individual devices
    • PowerAlert monitoring software offers detailed site power and UPS updates with support for safe auto-shutdown of connected systems as UPS batteries become depleted
    • Includes Free PowerAlert monitoring software packages; PowerAlert LOCAL for desktops and small business networks, PowerAlert NSA (Network Shutdown Agent) for larger networks and PowerAlert NMS (Network Management System) for monitoring up to 250 SNMP-enabled UPS, PDU and other networking devices
    • Supports detailed monitoring of equipment load levels, self-test data and utility power conditions via built-in RS-232 and USB interfaces
    • Optional SNMPWEBCARD offers communications and control via secure remote web and network interfaces
    • 3 stage metered LEDs offer current monitoring and battery charge level
    • Mains power and voltage regulation LEDs offer at-a-glance power status information
    • Front panel switches support self-test and alarm cancel functions
    • Field replaceable, hot-swappable internal UPS batteries

    Package Includes

    • SMART 1000RM1U UPS System
    • Mounting hardware
    • Cabling for USB & DB9 monitoring and EPO switching
    • PowerAlert unattended shutdown and UPS/Power monitoring software
    • Instruction manual

    General Info

    Product Group UPS SYSTEMS


    Output Volt Amp Capacity (VA) 1000
    Output kVA Capacity (kVA) 1
    Output Watt Capacity (Watts) 800
    Power Factor 0.8
    Nominal Output Voltage(s) Supported 120V
    Frequency Compatibility 60 Hz
    Output Voltage Regulation (Line Mode) -21%, +8%
    Output Voltage Regulation (Battery Mode) +/- 5%
    UPS Output Receptacles 6 5-15R outlet(s)
    Output Receptacles Two switchable single-outlet 5-15R load banks
    Output AC Waveform (AC Mode) Sine wave
    Output AC Waveform (Battery Mode) Pure Sine wave


    Rated input current (Maximum Load) 9.2A
    Nominal Input Voltage(s) Supported 120V AC
    UPS Input Connection Type 5-15P
    Input Circuit Breakers 15A
    Recommended Electrical Service 15A 120V
    Input Cord Length (ft.) 10
    Input Cord Length (m) 3
    Input Phase Single-Phase


    Full Load Runtime (min.) 4 min. (800w)
    Half Load Runtime (min.) 14 min. (400w)
    DC System Voltage (VDC) 24
    Battery Recharge Rate (Included Batteries) Less than 4 hours from 10% to 90% (typical, full load discharge)
    Internal UPS Replacement Battery Cartridge RBC69-1U
    Battery Access Front panel battery access door
    Battery Replacement Description Hot-swappable, user replaceable batteries


    Voltage Regulation Description Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) maintains line power operation with an input voltage range of 83 to 147
    Overvoltage Correction Input voltages between 128 and 147 are reduced by 12%
    Undervoltage Correction Input voltages between 83 and 107 are boosted by 14%


    LED Indicators 5 LEDs indicate line power, battery power, overload, voltage regulation and battery low/replace status
    Audible Alarm Audible alarm indicates power-failure, overload and low-battery conditions
    Alarm Cancel Operation Power-fail alarm can be silenced using alarm-cancel switch; once silenced, alarm will re-sound to indicate low-battery status
    Switches 2 Switches control off/on power status and alarm-cancel/self-test operation


    UPS AC Suppression Joule Rating 450 joules
    EMI / RFI AC Noise Suppression Yes
    AC Suppression Response Time Instantaneous


    Installation Form Factors Supported with Included Accessories 4 post 19 inch rackmount; 2 post 19 inch rackmount
    Included Mounting Accessory Description Included mounting brackets support 2 and 4 post rackmount installation; Optional 4POSTRAILKIT1U is available for additional support
    Primary Form Factor Rackmount
    UPS Power Module Dimensions (hwd, in.) 1.7 x 17.5 x 16.8
    UPS Power Module Dimensions (hwd, cm) 4.4 x 44.4 x 42.5
    Rack Height 1U
    UPS Power Module Weight (lbs.) 32
    UPS Power Module Weight (kg) 14.5
    UPS Shipping Dimensions (hwd / in.) 6.2 x 23.5 x 22.5
    UPS Shipping Dimensions (hwd / cm) 15.9 x 59.7 x 57.2
    Shipping Weight (lbs.) 36
    Shipping Weight (kg) 16.3
    Cooling Method Fan
    UPS Housing Material Steel


    Operating Temperature Range +32 to +104 degrees Fahrenheit / 0 to +40 degrees Celsius
    Storage Temperature Range +5 to +122 degrees Fahrenheit / -15 to +50 degrees Celsius
    Relative Humidity 0 to 95%, non-condensing
    AC Mode BTU / Hr. (Full Load) 138.9
    Battery Mode BTU / Hr. (Full Load) 477.7
    AC Mode Efficiency Rating (100% Load) 94%


    Communications Interface USB; DB9 Serial; EPO (emergency power off); Slot for SNMP/Web interface
    Network Monitoring Port Description Supports detailed monitoring of UPS and site power conditions
    PowerAlert Software Included
    Communications Cable USB and DB9 cabling included
    WatchDog Compatibility Supports Watchdog application, OS and hard-reboot restart options for remote applications


    Transfer Time 5 milliseconds AC to DC; 1 millisecond DC to AC
    Low Voltage Transfer to Battery Power (Setpoint) 83
    High Voltage Transfer to Battery Power (Setpoint) 147


    Grounding Lug Back panel grounding lug
    Cold Start (Startup in Battery Mode During a Power Failure) Cold-start operation supported
    High Availability UPS Features Hot swappable batteries
    Green Energy-Saving Features Greater than 95% efficiency - GREEN UPS; Individually controllable load banks


    UPS Certifications Tested to UL1778 (USA); Tested to CSA (Canada); Tested to NOM (Mexico); Meets FCC Part 15 Category A (EMI); ENERGY STAR Qualified


    Product Warranty Period (Worldwide) 2-year warranty, 3 year with registration. Note: Registration is required for 3-year warranty.
    Connected Equipment Insurance (U.S., Canada & Puerto Rico) $250,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance

    † Tripp Lite uses primary and third-party agencies to test its products for compliance with standards. See a list of Tripp Lite's testing agencies.

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    [FAQ-1007] How many battery protected outlets does the SMART1000RM1U have?

    The SMART1000RM1U has 6 battery protected outlets. [Last Updated: Oct 23, 2013]

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    Product Warranty

    This product has a 2-year warranty, 3 year with registration. Note: Registration is required for 3-year warranty.. Get more information

    Insurance Coverage

    This product includes a $250,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance for connected equipment. Click for details

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    Runtime at Full Load

    4 min. (800w)

    Runtime at Half Load

    14 min. (400w)

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