Severe Weather Power Protection

70% of power outages in the U.S. are caused by severe weather.

Basic Protection

Surge Protectors
  • Protect against electrical surges and voltage spikes
  • Filter disruptive line noise caused by rain and lightning
  • Ideal for cameras, mobile phones, laptops, televisions, music and gaming systems

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Premium Protection

UPS Systems Everything Basic Protection offers, Plus emergency battery back-up
  • Power essential equipment during short outages
  • Allow for safe shutdown during prolonged blackouts
  • Ideal for computers, servers, networks, AV and lab equipment

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Avoid the three "D's":

DOWNTIME... Blackouts and brownouts can knock computers and electronics off-line, costing you time and money.

DAMAGE... Power surges and voltage fluctuations degrade performance and can damage or destroy sensitive electronics.

DATA LOSS... Blackouts and voltage fluctuations can erase sensitive data and cause system crashes with no opportunity to save important files.