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100G Duplex Multimode 50/125 OM4 Armored Fiber Optic Cable (LC/LC Duplex M/M), LSZH, Aqua, 50 m (164 ft.)

100 GbE Ethernet cable with protective steel armor supports high bandwidths necessary for cloud services, hyperscale data centers and telecom carriers.

  • OM4-rated cable recommended for 100 Gb speeds up to 50 meters (@ 850 nm)
  • Flexible stainless steel tubing protects fiber and helps cable stand up to rigorous use
  • Backward compatible with 10/25/40 Gb networks to facilitate future-proofing
  • Aqua LSZH jacket allows fast, easy identification in a crowded switch or patch panel

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N821-50M-AQ-AR New

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100 GbE Cable Supports Higher Bandwidths Needed for Data Networking
As the amount of traffic in data networks grows, so does the need for devices and fiber cables to support higher bandwidths in cloud services, hyperscale data centers, telecom applications and equipment OEM companies. This duplex multimode 50/125 OM4 cable is an ideal choice for 100G Ethernet applications up to 50 meters (164 feet) at 850 nm. It is also backward compatible with 10 Gb, 25 Gb and 40 Gb networks, so you can future-proof your current application for an eventual upgrade to 100 Gb.

Armored Cable Provides Great Flexibility and Durability
The N821-50M-AQ-AR can be run anywhere and does not need to be in conduit. Built-in flexible stainless steel and robust Aramid yarn protect the optical fibers more effectively than standard fiber optic cables do. The rugged armored tubing allows optical fiber to be installed in the most hazardous areas, including environments with excessive dust, oil, gas and moisture. This fiber cable provides low insertion loss and high return loss.

Aqua Jacket Helps Avoid Misidentification That Can Cause Costly Downtime
The OM4-rated cable has an aqua-colored jacket to identify it as multimode in a crowded patch panel or switch and prevent it from becoming accidentally disconnected. The round low-smoke zero-halogen (LSZH) jacket limits the amount of toxic smoke emitted in case of combustion, making it suitable for poorly ventilated areas.

Package Includes

N821-50M-AQ-AR 100Gb Duplex Multimode 50/125 OM4 Armored Fiber Optic Cable, Aqua, 50 m (164 ft.)

RoHS compliant


UPC Code037332264367
Optical Mode  OM4
Mode TypeMultimode
Material of ConstructionOuter Jacket: PVC (LSZH Rating); Inner Flexible Steel Tube: SUS204 (Armored)
Cable Jacket ColorAqua
Connector ColorAqua; White
Cable Jacket MaterialLSZH
Cable Jacket RatingOFNR
Cable Outer Diameter (OD)3.0MM
Clad Diameter (microns)125
Core Diameter (microns)50
Primary Coating Diameter (microns)550
Number of Fibers2
Cable Length (ft.)164
Cable Length (in.)1968.5
Minimum Bend Radius≤30mm
Shipping Dimensions (hwd / in.)12.00 x 10.50 x 0.50
Operating Temperature Range-4 to 140 °F (-20 to 60 °C)
Storage Temperature Range-4 to 140 °F (-20 to 60 °C)
Operating Humidity Range5% to 85% RH, Non-Condensing
Storage Humidity Range5% to 85% RH, Non-Condensing
Network Compatibility10 Gbps; 25 Gbps; 40 Gbps; 100 Gbps
Wavelength1300nm; 850nm
Attenuation @ 850NM3.0dB/Km
Attenuation @ 1300NM1.0dB/KM
Insertion Loss  ≤0.20dB
Side A - Connector 1LC DUPLEX (MALE)
Side B - Connector 1LC DUPLEX (MALE)
Endface PolishPC
Optical PortLC
Armored CableYes
CertificationsRoHS, REACH
ApprovalsRoHS, REACH
Product Warranty Period (Worldwide)Lifetime limited warranty

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