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Preloaded Fiber Panel, 1U - 2x (12F MTP/MPO-PC to 4x LC Duplex F/M) 8F Trunk Cables, OM4 Multimode, 20 m (65.6 ft.)

1U panel comes preloaded with spools of multimode fiber cable that allow you to extend the exact length required and store the excess out of sight.

  • Dual MTP/MPO-to-LC 8-fiber OM4 multimode cables come coiled inside for instant use
  • Use only as much cable as you need; store the remainder inside to avoid clutter
  • Flexible cable length allows reuse of cables if equipment is moved
  • Aluminum chassis mounts into 1U of space in EIA-standard 19 in. racks

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Tripp Lite Part Number

N48M-2M8L4-20 New

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Preloaded Fiber Panel, 1U - 2x (12F MTP/MPO-PC to 4x LC Duplex F/M) 8F Trunk Cables, OM4 Multimode, 20 m (65.6 ft.)


1U Panel Solution Comes with Cabling Preloaded to Cut Costs and Save Time
All necessary cabling is included with this preloaded fiber panel, coiled inside and ready for immediate use. The aluminum 1U chassis features two 8-fiber MTP/MPO-PC to LC Duplex multimode trunk cables, both 20 meters (65.6 feet) in length to make management easy. The panel opens to provide easy access to stored cables. Use only as much cabling as you need. The remainder stores inside the chassis to eliminate cable clutter, allow better airflow through the rack and make equipment maintenance and replacement easier. The cables and panels have labels to help with organization. You also avoid the expense and effort of custom cabling. The flexibility in cable length lets you reuse the cables if equipment is moved. The N48M-2M8L4-20 mounts in just 1U of space in an EIA-standard 19-inch rack.

Package Includes

  • N48M-2M8L4-20 Preloaded Fiber Panel
  • (2) MTP/MPO-PC to LC Duplex trunk cables, 20 m (65.6 ft.)
  • Installation guide
RoHS compliant


UPC Code037332262196
Product TypePreloaded
Optical Mode  OM4
Panel Dimensions17.32" X 1.73" X 10.20"
Panel Cable Number2
Panel Cable Length (m)20
Mode TypeMultimode
Firmware / Software Docs
Offset PortsNo
Primary Form FactorRackmount
Cable Jacket ColorAqua
Connector ColorAqua; Black; White
Cable Jacket RatingOFNP
Cable Outer Diameter (OD)2.9MM
Clad Diameter (microns)125
Core Diameter (microns)50
Primary Coating Diameter (microns)245
Number of Fibers8
Cable Length (ft.)65.6
Cable Length (in.)787.4
Minimum Bend Radius20MM (DYNAMIC); 10MM (STATIC)
Rack Height1U
Shipping Dimensions (hwd / in.)4.30 x 22.80 x 18.90
Shipping Weight (lbs.)7.27
Operating Temperature Range-4 TO 140 F (-20 TO 60 C)
Storage Temperature Range-4 TO 140 F (-20 TO 60 C)
Operating Humidity Range5% TO 85% RH, NON-CONDENSING
Storage Humidity Range5% TO 85% RH, NON-CONDENSING
Network Compatibility10 Gbps; 40 Gbps; 100 Gbps; 400 Gbps
Wavelength1300nm; 850nm
Attenuation @ 850NM3.0dB/KM
Attenuation @ 1300NM1.0dB/KM
Insertion Loss  MTP/MPO: ≤0.35dB; LC: ≤0.20dB
Side A - Connector 1MTP/MPO (FEMALE)
Side B - Connector 1(4) LC DUPLEX (MALE)
Endface PolishPC
Push/Pull TabsYes
All-in-One KitYes
Built-in CablesYes
Optical PortLC; MPO/MTP
CertificationsRoHS, REACH
Product Warranty Period (Worldwide)Lifetime limited warranty

Questions & Answers

More Q&As may be available on the N48M2M8L420 model support page.




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