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SmartOnline 208/240V 5kVA 3.5kW Double-Conversion UPS, 5U Rack/Tower, Extended Run, Network Card Options, DB9 Serial


Tripp Lite 5kVA Smart Online RM UPS. 5000VA on-line, double-conversion UPS for server, network and telecommunications equipment. Maintains battery derived AC output during blackouts with active, full-time power conditioning. Fault-tolerant auto-bypass prevents unexpected service interruptions during overload or internal fault conditions. 3U power module and 2U battery pack install in 5 rack spaces. Full-time sine wave output within 2% of selectable 200/208/220/230/240V AC. Corrects brownouts to 156V and overvoltages to 276V. Frequency regulation locks output power to 50/60Hz (+/-0.2%)/Expandable runtime with optional rackmount external battery packs. Double-conversion UPS converts raw input from AC to DC, then back to perfect sine wave AC output with enhanced protection from harmonic distortion, fast electrical impulses and other hard-to-solve power problems not addressed by other UPS types. Highly efficient operation in optional economy mode setting, saving BTU heat output and energy costs. Network-grade AC surge and noise suppression. Network management interfaces include 2 DB9 ports and slot for network management card options. Supports simultaneous detailed monitoring of equipment load levels, self-test data and utility power conditions via all 3 network interfaces. PowerAlert monitoring software is available via free download. Emergency Power Off (EPO) interface. Front panel LEDs and LCD readout with scroll controls support visual monitoring of all major UPS functions. Audible alarm. Self test. 4-post rackmount accessories included; 2-9USTAND and 2POSTRMKITHD accessories available. L6-30P plug-in connection; built-in L6-30 & L6-20 outlets. Power Distribution Unit (PDU) options supported. Field-replaceable, hot-swappable external battery packs. Attractive all-black color scheme. $250,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance (U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico only).


  • True online, double-conversion UPS provides pure, full-time sine wave AC output free of surges, voltage fluctuations and line noise
  • 5000VA/3500 watt output power capacity compatible with 200-240V applications at 50/60 Hz
  • 3U power module and 2U battery pack installs in any 19 inch rack enclosure using only 5 rack spaces
  • Double conversion UPS actively converts raw input from AC to DC, then back to perfect sine wave AC output with enhanced protection from harmonic distortion, fast electrical impulses and other hard-to-solve power problems not addressed by other UPS types
  • Provides perfectly regulated, sine wave output power free of line noise, transient surges and frequency variation for the most efficient operation of critical servers, networking and telecommunications equipment
  • Accepts input voltages between 156 and 276, regulating output within 2% of selected 200/208/220/230/240V nominal voltage
  • Supports connected equipment during blackouts for 20/8 minutes at half/full load levels. Runtime is further expandable with optional external battery packs
  • Intelligent battery management system extends battery life
  • Network interfaces support simultaneous communications via 2 DB9 ports and slot for network management card options
  • Compatible with Tripp Lite UPS management card options TLNETCARD, WEBCARDLX, SNMPWEBCARD, MODBUSCARD and RELAYIOCARD
  • Serial port enables data-saving unattended shutdown when used with Tripp Lite's PowerAlert software, available via FREE download from
  • Built-in Emergency Power Off (EPO) interface with cable
  • Includes 4 built-in output receptacles (2 L6-30R, 2 L6-20R)
  • L6-30P input plug-in connection
  • Front panel LEDs and LCD readout with scroll button enables visual confirmation of all major UPS functions and current site electrical conditions
  • Front panel switches enable power on/off control, self-test and alarm cancel functions
  • Included adjustable mounting rails support installation in 4 post 19 inch rack enclosures. Optional 2POSTRMKITHD supports 2 post rackmount installation
  • UPS ships fully assembled in full compliance with DOT regulations, no time consuming connection of internal batteries by user is required
  • Fault tolerant electronic bypass maintains utility output during a variety of UPS fault conditions
  • $250,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance (U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico only)

Package Includes

  • SU5000RT3UPM UPS Power Module
  • BP240V5RT2U External Battery Pack
  • DB9 Cable
  • Mounting hardware to support each module in 4-post rackmount enclosures
  • Warranty information
  • Instruction manual
Cisco compatible RoHS compliant VMware ready application


UPC Code037332122391
UPS TypeOn-Line
Rated input current (Maximum Load)24A (208V), 21A (240V)
Nominal Input Voltage(s) Supported200V AC; 208V AC; 220V AC; 230V AC; 240V AC
UPS Input Connection TypeL6-30P
UPS Input Cord Length (ft.)10
Recommended Electrical Service30A 208/240V
Input PhaseSingle-Phase
Output Volt Amp Capacity (VA)5000
Output kVA Capacity (kVA)5
Output Watt Capacity (Watts)3500
Output kW Capacity (kW)3.5
Output Capacity DetailsSupports up to 102% load continuously in double conversion mode, 102 to 125% for 1 minute, 126% to 150% for 30 seconds; Loads over 150% trigger immediate bypass mode operation to support loads directly from mains power; Double conversion mode is automatically restored as the overload is cleared
Power Factor  0.7
Crest Factor  3:1
Nominal Voltage DetailsVoltage selection via front panel LCD interface
Frequency Compatibility50 / 60 Hz
Frequency Compatibility DetailsOutput frequency matches input nominal on startup
Output Voltage Regulation (Line Mode)+/- 2%
Output Voltage Regulation (Economy Line Mode)+/- 10%
Output Voltage Regulation (Battery Mode)+/- 2%
Output Circuit Breakers20A double-pole breaker protects L6-20R outlets, L6-30R outlets are unbreakered
Output AC Waveform (AC Mode)Pure Sine wave
Output AC Waveform (Battery Mode)Pure Sine wave
Nominal Output Voltage(s) Supported200V; 208V; 220V; 240V
Output Receptacles(2) L6-20R; (2) L6-30R
Individually Controllable Load Banks  No
Full Load Runtime (min.)  8 min. (3500w)
Half Load Runtime (min.)  20 min. (1750w)
Expandable Battery RuntimeSupports extended runtime with optional external battery packs
External Battery Pack Compatibility   BP240V10RT3U ; BP240V557C-1PH;  BP240V787C-1PH ; BP240V1037C-1PH; BP240V1407C-1PH
DC System Voltage (VDC)240
Battery Recharge Rate (Included Batteries)Less than 6 hours from 10% to 80% (typical, full load discharge)
Battery Replacement DescriptionHot-swappable, user replaceable batteries
Expandable RuntimeYes
Voltage Regulation DescriptionOnline, double-conversion power conditioning
Overvoltage Correction  2% output voltage regulation during overvoltages to 276
Undervoltage Correction  2% output voltage regulation during undervoltages to 156
Front Panel LCD DisplaySelectable LCD display with scroll and selection buttons enables UPS control and detailed monitoring options; LED/LCD panel rotates for viewing in rack/tower formats (see manual)
Switches2 Switches control off/on power status and alarm-cancel/self-test operation; 2 additional switches support set and execute scrolling LCD functions
Alarm Cancel OperationAlarm cancel switch
Audible AlarmUnique audible alarms for all major UPS, environmental and power conditions (see manual)
LED Indicators6 LEDs indicate line power, online mode, economy/bypass mode, on-battery, charger and AC output status; LCD screen offers additional information and control options
UPS AC Suppression Response TimeInstantaneous
EMI / RFI AC Noise Suppression  Yes
Cooling MethodFan
Included Battery Pack Dimensions (hwd / in.)3.5 x 17.5 x 22.5
Included Battery Pack Weight (lbs.)92
Included Mounting Accessory Description2 sets of adjustable 4 post rack rails included
Installation Form Factors Supported with Optional Accessories2 post rackmount ( 2POSTRMKITHD ); Tower ( 2-9USTAND )
Maximum Device Depth (in.)26
Minimum Required Rack Depth (inches)33
Optional Mounting Accessory Notes2 sets of  2POSTRMKITWM  required for 2 post rackmount installation of separate power module and battery pack
Primary Form FactorRackmount
Primary UPS Depth (mm)660
Primary UPS Height (mm)132
Primary UPS Width (mm)445
Rack Height5U
Shipping Dimensions (hwd / in.)22.00 x 27.00 x 33.50
Shipping Weight (lbs.)243.00
Unit Dimension DetailsIncludes 3U UPS/power module and 2U battery pack
UPS Housing MaterialSteel
UPS Power Module Dimensions (hwd, in.)5.2 x 17.5 x 26
UPS Power Module Weight (kg)19.05
UPS Power Module Weight (lbs.)42
Operating Temperature Range+32 to +104 degrees Fahrenheit / 0 to +40 degrees Celsius
Storage Temperature Range+5 to +122 degrees Fahrenheit / -15 to +50 degrees Celsius
Relative Humidity0 to 95%, non-condensing
AC Mode BTU / Hr. (Full Load)  1327
Battery Mode BTU / Hr. (Full Load)  1327
AC Mode Efficiency Rating (100% Load)90%
AC Economy Mode Efficiency Rating (100% Load)94%
Network Monitoring Port DescriptionRS232 and contact closure communications are located on two separate DB9 ports
PowerAlert SoftwareFor local monitoring via the UPS’s built-in communication ports, download PowerAlert Local software at
Communications CableDB9 cable included
Communications InterfaceDB9 Serial; Contact closure; EPO (emergency power off); Slot for SNMP/Web interface
Transfer Time  No transfer time (0 ms.) in online, double-conversion mode
Low Voltage Transfer to Battery Power (Setpoint)156
High Voltage Transfer to Battery Power (Setpoint)276
Cold Start (Startup in Battery Mode During a Power Failure)Cold-start operation supported
High Availability UPS Features  Automatic inverter bypass; Hot swappable batteries
Green Energy-Saving FeaturesHigh efficiency economy mode operation; Schedulable daily hours of economy mode operation
UPS CertificationsTested to UL1778 (USA); Tested to CSA (Canada); Tested to NOM (Mexico); CE; Tested to GOST (Russia); Tested to SASO (Saudi Arabia); Meets FCC Part 15 Category A (EMI)
Product Warranty Period (Worldwide)2-year limited warranty
Connected Equipment Insurance (U.S., Canada & Puerto Rico)$250,000 Ultimate Lifetime Insurance 

Frequently Asked Questions

In Economy Mode, the UPS increases efficiency by implementing dynamic double conversion, which means it suspends or resumes double conversion automatically as the quality of input power changes. For a full explanation of Economy Mode, click here

Additional FAQs may be available on the SU5000RT3UHV model support page.

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