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Classroom / Computer Lab

Environment: Classroom or computer lab with computers, peripherals, projectors, displays and instructional technology.


  • Supply reliable power with battery backup
  • Integrate new technology with older buildings, aging infrastructure and a variety of existing systems
  • Qualify for e-rate discounts
  • Protect equipment from damaging surges
  • Stretch budgets in challenging fiscal environments

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Network/Server UPS Systems provide reliable, efficient, manageable power with expandable battery backup. Learn More...
Desktop UPS Systems provide reliable power and battery backup for computers and electronics. Learn More...
Wall-Mount Rack Cabinets secure and organize IT hardware, rackmount AV equipment and other devices in remote locations and cramped environments.
Learn More...
Patch Panels provide reliable connections for network patch cables (copper and fiber). Learn More...
Cables and Connectors provide reliable links between computers, peripherals, networks and power. Learn More...
Over Cat5/Cat6 Extenders send high-resolution VGA, DVI, HDMI or analog video signals over efficient Cat5/Cat6 cabling to distant displays for digital signage and other video distribution applications. Learn More...
Display Cables connect computers and other video sources to LCD monitors and HDTVs. Learn More...
Network Cables provide high-speed network connections. Learn More...
Cable Managers keep network, storage and power cables securely organized to prevent airflow obstructions and inadvertent cable disconnections. Learn More...
Desktop KVM Switches control multiple computers from a single keyboard / monitor / mouse console. Learn More...
Display Mounts support flat-panel displays on a wall or desk, including LCD and plasma HDTVs. Learn More...
Surge Protectors provide convenient outlets and surge/noise protection for anything with a plug. Learn More...
Keyspan® Remotes control presentations up to 100 ft. away. Learn More...
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