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Power Extension Cord/Splitter, NEMA L6-20P to 2x NEMA L6-20R Y Splitter, Heavy-Duty - 20A, 250V, 10 AWG, 1 ft. (0.31 m), Black

L6-20P to L6-20R splitter allows two devices with NEMA L6-20P plugs to share one AC power input cord and one NEMA L6-20R outlet.
  • Connects 2 devices to one AC outlet to save space and reduce cable clutter
  • Recommended for powering dual PDUs, UPS systems or other heavy-duty devices
  • Adds 1-ft. (0.31 m) to your existing power connection to provide flexibility in placing devices
  • Locking connectors maintain secure link to avoid loss of power and costly downtime
  • Thick 10 AWG wire gauge manages high power levels required for larger equipment

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Heavy-Duty Y-Style Splitter Cables Connects 2 Devices with L6-20P Plugs to One AC Outlet
This Y splitter cable features 10 AWG wire suitable for high power connections, making it a reliable solution for large server applications that require a higher-rated, heavier-gauge cable. With this extension cord splitter, a single NEMA L6-20R outlet can power two devices, such as PDUs, UPS systems, instrument amplifiers and other equipment compatible with a NEMA L6-20P plug. Ideal for areas where AC outlets are limited, such as rack cabinets or small network closets, this L6-20P to L6-20R Y splitter is compatible with Tripp Lite power and extension cords. The 1-ft. (0.31 m) length helps reduce cable clutter.
Locking Connectors Help Prevent Accidental Disconnection and Expensive Downtime
Having a cable come loose accidentally can mean the loss of power and costly downtime. Locking connectors on each end help you avoid such danger, protecting critical equipment by maintaining a secure link without failure. The locking cable is also invaluable when moving equipment in a rack or removing equipment from tight areas, ensuring the power cord always stays connected.

Typical Applications

  • Connect 2 devices like PDUs and UPS systems to one power outlet up to 1-ft. (0.31 m) away in your office or work space
  • Save space in a 0U vertical rack-mount PDU by plugging two rack devices into one outlet
  • Update or replace the standard power cord provided by a device's original manufacturer

Package Includes

P039-001-2 L6-20P to 2x L6-20R Y Splitter, 1-ft. (0.31 m), Black
RoHS compliant


UPC Code037332148025
Device CompatibilityServer; Router; Network Switch; UPS; PDU
Country/RegionNorth America
Maximum Input Amps20
Voltage Compatibility (VAC)100-250
Plug ColorBlack
Cable Jacket ColorBlack
Cable Jacket MaterialPVC
Cable Jacket RatingFT2
Power Cord Jacket TypeSJT
Cable Outer Diameter (OD)14.5mm
Number of Conductors3
Wire Gauge (AWG)10
Cable Length (ft.)1
Shipping Dimensions (hwd / in.)19.70 x 15.80 x 0.50
Shipping Weight (lbs.)2.09
Operating Temperature Range-4 to 140 F (-20 to 60 C)
Storage Temperature Range-4 to 140 F (-20 to 60 C)
Operating Humidity Range20% to 70% RH
Storage Humidity Range20% to 80% RH
Side A - Connector 1NEMA L6-20P
Side B - Connector 1(2) NEMA L6-20R
High VoltageYes
Locking PlugYes
Angled PlugNo
ApprovalsUL /CSA
Product Warranty Period (Worldwide)Lifetime limited warranty

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More Q&As may be available on the P0390012 model support page.

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