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Cable Ladder, 2 Sections - SRCABLETRAY or SRLADDERATTACH Required, 10 x 1.5 ft. (3 x 0.3 m)

Provides roof-mounted cable routing for Tripp Lite SmartRack® enclosures, allowing cable bundles to span aisles or spaces between racks.
  • Cuts cable clutter by routing cable bundles overhead in your data center
  • Allows cables to span aisles or spaces between racks in the same row
  • Measures 10 ft. long and 1.5 ft. wide for organized cable bundling
  • Arrives boxed in dual 5 ft. sections for easy shipping, storage and assembly
  • Works in tandem with Tripp Lite SRCABLETRAY or SRLADDERATTACH (sold separately)
  • 5-year limited warranty

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Eliminate Cable Stress by Organizing Cabling Outside Your Enclosure or Open Frame Rack
The SmartRack SRCABLELADDER18 mounts to the top of your rack enclosure or open frame rack for overhead cable routing. Install it either parallel or perpendicular to the rack for clean, organized cable routing across an aisle or within a row. Each SRCABLELADDER measures 10 feet long and 1.5 feet wide for safe cable bundling. It requires the use of Tripp Lite’s SRCABLETRAY (for enclosures) or SRLADDERATTACH (for open frame racks) for installation (both accessories sold separately). An included grounding stud allows tie-in to the rack and facility ground. The SRCABLELADDER18 ships in two five-foot sections for convenient storage and assembly.

Typical Applications

  • Neatly bundle cable across an aisle or within a row of bayed racks in your data center

Package Includes

  • (2) Ladder sections
  • (4) Assembly brackets
  • (8) Clevis pins
  • (8) Cotter pins
  • (2) Ground brackets
  • (2) M6 hex bolts
  • (3) Ground cables, 2 ft.
  • (4) Ladder clamps
  • (4) M6 lock washers
  • (2) M6 hex nuts
  • (2) M10 x 60 mm carriage bolts
  • (2) M10 lock washers
  • (2) M10 hex nuts
  • Owner’s manual

System Requirements

  • SRCABLETRAY (rack enclosures) or SRLADDERATTACH (open frame racks)
RoHS compliant


UPC Code037332214614
Shipping Dimensions (hwd / in.)3.35 x 18.90 x 60.12
Shipping Weight (lbs.)21.56
Unit Dimensions (hwd / in.)1.5 x 18 x 118
Unit Weight (lbs.)18
Product Warranty Period (Worldwide)5-year limited warranty


Cable Management

  Model Number Description
Cable Ladder Runway E-Bend - 90 Degrees, 18 in. Width SRL90BEND18 SRL90BEND18 Cable Ladder Runway E-Bend - 90 Degrees, 18 in. Width
SmartRack Hardware Kit - Connects SRCABLELADDER to a wall or Open Frame Rack SRLADDERATTACH SRLADDERATTACH SmartRack Hardware Kit - Connects SRCABLELADDER to a wall or Open Frame Rack

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