Employment Message from the President

Glen Haeflinger

One reason Tripp Lite has been around for over 90 years is that we've always been able to adapt our business to the evolving needs of the marketplace. When we see an opportunity to leverage our strengths and resources in one area and apply them to something new, we don't allow the fear of change to stop us from pursuing success.

We follow a similar approach with our workforce. You'll find that we're always ready to reward someone who has demonstrated their ability, whether it's with opportunities to expand their responsibilities or to apply their talents and skills in another part of the company. Tripp Lite is the kind of place where the right person can start in the mailroom and end up in the boardroom.

We look forward to meeting you!

Glen Haeflinger

The information on this page is intended for prospective employees based in the United States. If you interested in working for Tripp Lite outside of the United States and have questions about employment benefits, please contact us.