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Crimping Tool with Cable Stripper for Pass-Through RJ45 Plugs

Crimping tool cleanly cuts, strips and crimps flat and round cables to create your own custom network or telecom connections.

  • All-in-one cutter, stripper and crimper lets you create custom network or telecom cables
  • Ideal for installers who want to save time and money when tackling large-scale projects
  • Easily strips flat modular and round network cabling, including Cat6, Cat6a and Cat8
  • Terminates pass-through 8-wire RJ45 modular plug types for faster, easier installation
  • Non-slip handle provides a strong, secure grip while cutting, stripping and crimping
  • 3-year limited warranty

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Customize Your Cables with a Multi-Connector Tool That Cuts, Strips and Crimps
Create your own network or telecom cables, and save the time and expense of ordering custom cables and waiting for them to arrive. The T100-PT1 lets you strip the cable jacket and wire, attach a pass-through RJ45 connector to a wide variety of cabling, including solid, stranded and shielded, and trim the excess wires flush to the plug’s face. Terminating 8-wire RJ45 modular plugs is as simple as squeezing the non-slip handle that provides a strong, secure grip. Pass-through plugs are faster and easier to install and offer better performance than standard RJ45 crimp-on plugs. The tool’s embedded blades strip flat modular and round network cables, including Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a and Cat8, and cut the cables as well. 

Rugged Crimping Tool Is Ideal for Cable Installers
The T100-PT1 lets you create network or telecom cable connections the way you want them. The heavy-duty multi-use crimping tool fits comfortably in your toolbox to help you create custom voice and data applications. It is designed to stand up to heavy everyday use.

Package Includes

  • T100-PT1 Crimping Tool
  • Quick Start Guide
RoHS compliant


UPC Code037332260758
Accessory TypeTool
TechnologyCat5/5e; Cat6; Cat6a
ColorBlack; Blue
Product Warranty Period (Worldwide)3-year limited warranty

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