Model Number: N422-01M

Fiber Optic Mode Conditioning Patch Cable (ST/LC), 1M (3-ft.)


  • 1 Meter LC/ST Mode Conditioning Cable
  • 62.5/125 and 8.3/125
  • Run 1000Base-LX Gigabit Ethernet over MMF by offsetting signal loss
  • IEEE 802.3z Gigabit Ethernet Compliant














Fiber Optic Patch Cables


Tripp Lites Mode Conditioning Cables are designed for use in Gigabit Ethernet 1000BASE-LX applications. They are fully compliant with IEEE 802.3z application standards. Mode Conditioning Cables are needed in applications where new high-speed Gigabit 1000BASE-LX routers and switches are being deployed into existing multimode plants. The need for this patch cord is due to the single-mode launch nature of the -LX or long-wave (1300 nm) transceiver modules used for Gigabit Ethernet. Launching a single-mode laser into the center of a multimode fiber can cause multiple signals to be generated that confuses the receiver at the other end of the fiber. These multiple signals, caused by Differential Mode Delay (DMD) effects, severely limit the cable distance lengths for operating Gigabit Ethernet. A mode conditioning patch cord eliminates these multiple signals by allowing the single-mode launch to be offset away from the center of a multimode fiber.


  • Use Singlemode Transceivers on Multimode Fiber Backbones
  • 62.5/125 and 8.3/125
  • Offsets the Singlemode Laser/LED launch from the center of a Multimode fiber
  • Available in a variety of connector combinations

Package Includes

  • 1 Meter LC/ST Mode Conditioning Cable
RoHS compliant


Cable Length (ft.) 3.3
Color Orange; Yellow
Side A - Connector 1 LC DUPLEX (MALE)
Side B - Connector 1 ST DUPLEX (MALE)
Product Warranty Period (Worldwide) Lifetime limited warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

The N422-01M will support 1000 meters at 1 GB and 2000 meters at 100 MB.

Additional FAQs may be available on the N422-01M model support page.


No accessories are available for this model.

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