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Frame End Kit for Hot/Cold Aisle Containment System

Aisle Containment System keeps hot and cool air separated for better temperature control and equipment performance in hot aisle/cold aisle configurations.
  • Supports beams and sliding doors as foundation of Tripp Lite aisle containment system
  • Constructed from heavy-duty steel covered with a black powder-coated finish
  • Features pre-drilled mounting holes for efficient connection to telescopic beam kit
  • Stabilizing brackets allow permanent connection to your data center’s floor
  • Minor assembly required using the included hardware
  • 5-year limited warranty

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Heavy-Duty Steel Frame Supports Tripp Lite’s Aisle Containment System
Two SmartRack® frame kits are required to create a semi-airtight aisle that keeps cold and hot air separated to increase efficiency in temperature control and distribution among the racks. The SRCTMTFRM must also be paired with Tripp Lite’s SRCTMTTLBM Beam Kit and SRCTMTSDD Sliding Double-Door Kit (both sold separately). Note: the Aisle Containment System can be configured to be a self-standing unit (tied to racks on both ends) or can be tied directly to a wall at the end of an aisle, no longer needing a second SRCTMTSDD to seal the end.
Accommodates Various Server Rack Heights from 42U to 48U
The steel frame with black powder-coated finish features pre-drilled mounting holes for the telescopic beam kit (SRCTMTTLBM), making installation efficient and effective, and pre-tapped holes for further fortification. Stabilizing brackets are provided at both feet, allowing the frame to be directly affixed to the floor of your data center. All necessary hardware is included for assembly. Multiple frame kits may be connected together for larger containment arrays.
Tripp Lite’s Aisle Containment System Manages Airflow for More Cooling Efficiency
Upon installation in your data center or server room, the modular, easy-to-assemble Aisle Containment System contains the air in a hot aisle or cold aisle, essentially creating a room within the aisle, while still keeping the aisle accessible. No costly contractor or HVAC specialist is required to install the system, which can be expanded or adapted to meet your needs. Assorted frame kits, beam kits, sliding double-door kits, roof panel kits and adapter riser panel kits (all sold separately) are necessary to assemble a hot or cold Aisle Containment System that accommodates the dimensions of your aisle and the rack enclosures within it.

Typical Applications

  • Provide a semi-airtight seal to prevent hot and cold air from mixing within a contained aisle in your data center or server room

Package Includes

  • (2) Frame uprights
  • (2) Frame crossbars
  • Outer aisle endcap
  • Inner aisle endcap
  • Temporary frame support bracket
  • (4) Floor mounting brackets
  • (4) Crossbeam connection brackets
  • (2) Horizontal endcap mounting brackets
  • (4) Vertical endcap mounting brackets
  • (2) Sliding door adjustment brackets
  • (4) M5 x 10 Phillips screws
  • (76) M6 x 16 Phillips screws
  • (8) M8 x 20 Phillips screws
  • (48) M6 external tooth lock washers
  • (8) M8 external tooth lock washers
  • Installation guide

System Requirements

  • SRCTMTSDD Sliding Double-Door Kit
  • SRCTMTCVR600 or SRCTMTCVR750 Static Roof Panel Kit
  • SRCTMTR600SH, SRCTMTR600TL, SRCTMTR750SH or SRCTMTR750TL Adapter Riser Panels
PCI compliant RoHS compliant


UPC Code037332240279
Aisle Containment System Component TypeFrame Kit
Unit Dimensions (hwd / in.)78.5 x 23.63 x 43
Unit Weight (lbs.)281
Rack Compatibility600 mm (Standard); 750 mm (Wide)
Built-in Cable ManagementYes
Product Warranty Period (Worldwide)5-year limited warranty


Aisle Containment System

  Model Number Description
SRCTMTCVR600 | Aisle Containment System SRCTMTCVR600 Roof Panel Kit for Hot/Cold Aisle Containment System - Standard 600 mm Racks
SRCTMTCVR750 | Aisle Containment System SRCTMTCVR750 Roof Panel Kit for Hot/Cold Aisle Containment System - Wide 750 mm Racks
SRCTMTR600SH | Aisle Containment System SRCTMTR600SH Short Riser Panels for Hot/Cold Aisle Containment System - Standard 600 mm Racks, Set of 2
SRCTMTR600TL | Aisle Containment System SRCTMTR600TL Tall Riser Panels for Hot/Cold Aisle Containment System - Standard 600 mm Racks, Set of 2
SRCTMTR750SH | Aisle Containment System SRCTMTR750SH Short Riser Panels for Hot/Cold Aisle Containment System - Wide 750 mm Racks, Set of 2
SRCTMTR750TL | Aisle Containment System SRCTMTR750TL Tall Riser Panels for Hot/Cold Aisle Containment System - Wide 750 mm Racks, Set of 2
SRCTMTSDD | Aisle Containment System SRCTMTSDD Sliding Double-Door Kit for Hot/Cold Aisle Containment System
SRCTMTTLBM | Aisle Containment System SRCTMTTLBM Telescopic Beam Kit for Hot/Cold Aisle Containment System

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