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Service Part Number: W01D-PMBP-E

On-Site Battery Replacement with Preventive Maintenance and 5-Year Warranty, Select 1-5 kVA UPS, 5-Unit Minimum, USA, Outside Business Hours, For New UPS Only

Keep your UPS in peak condition! UPS systems with proactive battery replacement and preventive maintenance are much less likely to experience downtime. Our comprehensive service helps identify potential threats, prevent breakdowns, extend equipment lifespan and maximize your return on investment. Depleted batteries are the leading cause of UPS failures, so this service is essential for high-availability applications!
30-42 months after your UPS purchase, a Tripp Lite certified technician will visit your site, clean and inspect your UPS, replace its internal batteries, test for functionality and check for adverse environmental conditions. At the conclusion of service, the technician will provide a written report detailing work completed and recommendations for any additional corrective action required. Your factory warranty will also be extended to five years total upon the completion of service.

  • On-site service outside normal business hours for select 1-5 kVA UPS systems
  • Travel and labor by Tripp Lite certified technician in USA (lower 48 states)
  • Unpacking and installation of customer-supplied Tripp Lite replacement batteries
  • Inspection, cleaning, evaluation and testing of UPS systems
  • Detailed report of work completed including recommendations to correct installation/environment conditions not covered by service
  • Log of serial numbers and UPS locations to aid asset management
  • Extension of factory warranty to 5 years total at conclusion of service
Important Notes:
  • Customer must complete pre-work checklist before scheduling service
  • Must be purchased with initial UPS order (use part number W01-PMBP-E when purchased after initial UPS order)
  • Tripp Lite replacement batteries must be purchased separately and placed in installation location(s) in advance
  • Service is available for a minimum of 5 units within a 30-mile radius; order one service part per unit
  • If service requires multiple days, they must be consecutive
  • Does not include external battery packs
  • Does not include battery/packaging disposal or configuration of network management card/software
See Statement of Work for more information.

Service Specifications

Service TypeBattery Replacement
Service DetailsOne-Time, On-Site Service
Agreement DurationExtends Warranty to 5 Years Total
Product CoverageSingle-Phase UPS
Product Coverage DetailsMust Be Purchased with New UPS (Service Performed 30-42 Months After UPS Purchase), 5-Unit Minimum
Scheduled Service HoursOff Business Hours (M-F, 5PM - 9PM), Weekends (Sat, Sun)
Geographic CoverageUS (Lower 48 States)
Emergency On-Site ServiceNo
Preventative MaintenanceYes
Number of Preventative Maintenance Visits1
Travel IncludedYes
Labor IncludedYes
Parts CoverageNo
Battery Replacement IncludedNo
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