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Instantly Connect 10 Gb Equipment to 40 Gb Switches

Pre-Assembled, Self-Contained Patch Panels Offer a Hassle-Free Alternative to Breakout Cables

Tripp Lite's All-in-One Breakout Fiber Patch Panels offer a simple, cost-effective alternative to breakout cables. With built-in MTP cables and pre-installed cassettes, these self-contained patch panels come ready for action right out of the box. Simply connect the 2-meter cables to ports on a 40 Gb switch, then add high-quality, off-the-shelf duplex LC cables to connect your 10 Gb devices to the breakout panel's front ports.

N48K-42M8L-168-B (2U Multimode Panel)

Key Benefits of Tripp Lite's N48K-Series Breakout Fiber Patch Panels:

  • Ease of installation: Built-in MTP cables for quick and easy deployment
  • Manageability: Self-contained design for organization and reduced clutter
  • Flexibility: Modular components for easy cassette changes
  • Scalability: Designed to accommodate future growth
  • Compatibility: Integrate seamlessly with switches from a wide variety of manufacturers*
* N48K-Series Breakout Fiber Patch Panels are perfect for use with the following 40 Gb switches: Arista Series 7500, 7300, 7280, 7250X and 7060X; Brocade Series VDX, ICX and DCX; Cisco Series 9000, 7000, 6000, 5000 and 3000; and Dell Series Z and S.

Breakout Cabling Solution vs. Tripp Lite All-in-One Breakout Fiber Patch Panel Solution

Breakout Cabling Solution
  • Forces installer to use custom cables, which are more expensive and require longer lead times between order and delivery.
  • All cables are of unique lengths, and nothing is standard.
  • Cabling is complex, hard to manage, and does not scale well to high-density installations.
  • Because every cable is custom-made, even simple changes are not simple.

typical breakout cabling solution
Tripp Lite Breakout
Fiber Patch Panel Solution
  • Allows installer to use standard cables for fast, simple installations.
  • Breakout functionality is built directly into the solution so everything is standard.
  • Reduced clutter simplifies cable management, even in high-density installations.
  • Modular components add flexibility to the application, making it scalable for future expansion.

tripp lite all-in-one breakout fiber patch panel solution

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