IT Infrastructure Assessment

Working on a data center or server room expansion or upgrade? Get help from an experienced Tripp Lite power specialist.

Planning your power capacity and efficiency is a vital step in any consolidation, expansion or virtualization project. Industry trends, such as rising energy costs and increased cooling requirements, have focused attention on efficiency in all aspects of network and infrastructure design. An Infrastructure Accessment can ensure that your network is operating at maximum efficiency. Our Power Specialists will evaluate your network and identify problem areas and opportunities to improve overall efficiency, which in turn cuts down on operating costs.

We'll Help You...

  • Define objectives and technical requirements
  • Evaluate the installation site, including existing systems and infrastructure
  • Examine systems to ensure they're correctly powered, protected and configured
  • Audit power capacity requirements and right-size systems before consolidation, virtualization and other projects
  • Plan airflow management and cooling for low-, medium- or high-density deployments
  • Prepare for future infrastructure growth and evolving IT requirements
  • Integrate components with existing systems

What You'll Get...

At the end of the assessment process, we'll provide you with:

  • A roadmap with design tradeoffs explained
  • Detailed project requirements, BOMs and specifications
  • The lowest acquisition price for any required hardware
  • Installation considerations
  • Ongoing support options

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