Access and Control Multiple NetCommander IP KVM Switches from a Single Interface

NetCommander-AXS Software for Management of Tripp Lite B070- and B072-Series IP KVMs

NetCommander-AXS IP KVM software allows users to access and control multiple Tripp Lite B070- and B072-Series NetCommander IP KVM switches from a single interface. Users can also access connected Tripp Lite PDUs to power cycle or power on/off outlets. The software is available as a download 100% free of charge.

The NetCommander-AXS software installs within seconds via a simple Windows-based install program. The software will auto-discover compatible KVMs and PDUs or can be edited manually by an administrator. Authorized users then have the ability to run KVM sessions, view PDU outlet statuses and control the outlets.

NetCommander-AXS Software:
  • Provides a convenient way to manage and control Tripp Lite B070- and B072-Series NetCommander IP KVM switches, as well as the servers, computers, UPS systems and environmental sensors connected to them
  • Provides a means to manage outlets on connected Tripp Lite PDUs
  • Allows for access to remote KVM sessions
  • Provides a single centralized list of all servers connected to the KVM switches
  • Allows push configurations such as firmware upgrades to multiple KVMs at the same time
NetCommander-AXS software screenshot
NetCommander-AXS guided demo ad