3-Phase Auto Transfer Switch Rack Power Distribution Units

At capacities of 5kW and above, the most practical way to provide redundant power to 208V server racks has been to connect redundant 3-phase rack PDUs to redundant power supplies in each server. Until now.

Tripp Lite's new solution employs a breakthrough 3-phase rack automatic transfer switch (ATS) and a compatible vertical PDU to deliver redundant power to high-capacity, clustered server racks without requiring redundant server power supplies. This strategy results in streamlined installations and substantial cost savings per server rack.

  • Delivery of up to 8.6, 12.5 or 17.3kW of redundant 208V AC power to servers without requiring redundant power supplies
  • Dual inputs for connecting separate A (primary) and B (secondary) 3-phase power sources
  • Rapid coordination of unsynchronized phases without dropping loads
  • Unique hybrid of solid-state and electromechanical relay switching provides the best features of both
  • Ultra-fast transfer in less than 6 milliseconds
  • Multifunction digital display for local monitoring
  • Built-in network interface for remote monitoring
  • Only 1U of rack space required for ATS
  • Field-proven performance, reliability and efficiency for data center applications
3-phase automatic-transfer switch PDU

Challenge: Provide redundant power to a rack that has clustered 1U servers.

Traditional Dual
PDU Solution

Tripp Lite
ATS Solution

The Tripp Lite Advantage

Two 3-phase rack PDUs feed single-phase 208V loads 3-phase rack ATS feeds single-phase 208V loads
  • Simplified network management with a single ATS per rack to monitor
Two power supplies per server One power supply per server; the Tripp Lite ATS provides redundant power to each server power supply, so a second power supply is not required
  • Fewer power supplies to purchase
  • 2–4% gain in efficiency, depending on the power supply used(1)
  • Reduced electricity costs
  • Reduced cooling costs
Two power cords per server One power cord per server
  • Fewer power cords to purchase
  • Simplified cable management
  • Improved airflow, allowing servers to run cooler and last longer
  • Improved service access

The Tripp Lite ATS can also provide redundant power to a single-cord top-of-rack switch, eliminating the need to purchase a separate ATS dedicated to the switch. (1) The estimated efficiency gain assumes 80 PLUS® certified power supplies, with dual power supplies loaded at 25% compared to single power supplies loaded at 50%.

Lower Hardware Costs

  • Eliminates cost of second power supply per server
  • Eliminates cost of second power cord per server

Simplified Management

  • Eases network management with only one ATS to monitor
  • Reduces cable clutter for better organization, improved airflow and easier access

Lower Operating Costs

  • Increases efficiency of server power supplies
  • Reduces cooling costs due to power supply efficiency gain
  • ATS operates at a high level of efficiency

Efficient Use of Rack Space

  • Saves valuable rack space with less hardware
  • May reduce rack weight and floor loading

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