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  • PowerAlert LocalLearn More

    PowerAlert Local software is intended for typical home and small business applications. It is installed on a desktop PC or networked server, and allows the computer to communicate with a UPS system through a serial or USB cable connection. You can use it to monitor power conditions, control your UPS system and enable automatic computer shutdown in the event of a power failure.

  • PowerAlert Network Shutdown AgentLearn More

    PowerAlert Network Shutdown Agent provides automatic shutdown for a computer that is receiving battery backup protection from a Tripp Lite UPS system, but is unable to connect directly to the UPS system via USB or serial cabling. PowerAlert Network Shutdown Agent is able to "listen" to an SNMP-capable device on the local network that is directly connected to the UPS system, allowing you to configure your computer to shut down when specific power events are detected.

  • PowerAlert Network Management SystemLearn More

    PowerAlert Network Management System is for advanced users only. PowerAlert Network Management System can monitor and control up to 250 SNMP-enabled devices, including UPS systems with a WEBCARDLX or an SNMPWEBCARD**, UPS systems that appear on the network via PowerAlert Local (or previous versions of PowerAlert**) and network-enabled PDUs.**
    ** Software or firmware version 12.04.0040 and above.

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