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400G Passive Twinax Direct-Attach Cable (QSFP-DD/QSFP-DD), Black/Silver, 1 m

Combines 8 SFP channels operating at up to 50 Gbps into one affordable 400GbE cable that complies with QSFP-DD MSA specifications.

  • Supports data speeds up to 400 Gb for newer switches and network devices
  • Recommended for high-density switches that support QSFP-DD transceivers
  • Push/pull tabs on QSFP-DD plugs for easy one-handed connection/disconnection
  • Backward compatible with 40/100 GbE networks to facilitate future-proofing
  • Ideal for short connections in data centers, telco rooms and enterprise wiring closets

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QSFP-DD Cable Connects High-Density Network Equipment at Speeds Up to 400 Gbps
Tripp Lite’s N282D-01M-BK provides next-generation performance by combining eight 50 Gb SFP channels into one high-density cable. It's a direct-attach solution ideal for connecting newer switches and other active network devices over short distances in data centers, high-end servers, telco rooms and enterprise wiring closets.
Best-in-Class Construction Optimized for Applications That Use Much Bandwidth
This passive copper cable integrates a 400G Ethernet-optimized (400 GbE) 38-position "board as connector" design. Zinc die-cast QSFP-DD connectors on both ends offer superior EMI resistance, minimal insertion loss and low crosstalk for top performance. Ergonomic push/pull tabs make the cable easy to install or remove with one hand. Eight-pair wire technology is optimized for bandwidth-intense applications, such as 128G Fibre Channel and EDR 4x InfiniBand. Flexible 30 AWG conductors maintain a smooth high-frequency response.
Fully Compliant and Compatible with a Wide Range of Applications
The N282D-01M-BK undergoes a rigorous assembly and testing procedure aimed at eliminating unnecessary signal loss. It's fully compliant with the MSA (Multi-Source Agreement) SFF-8665 architecture for guaranteed compatibility with all QSFP-DD ports, as well as RoHS, REACH and IEEE 802.3cd. It is also backward compatible with 40 Gb and 100 Gb networks, so you can future-proof your current application for an eventual upgrade to 400 Gb.

System Requirements

Networking switch or other hardware with open QSFP-DD ports

Package Includes

N282D-01M-BK 400G Passive Twinax Direct-Attach Cable, Black/Silver, 1 m

RoHS compliant


UPC Code037332258205
Product TypePassive
ColorBlack; Silver
Cable Jacket MaterialPVC
Cable Outer Diameter (OD)6.6mm
Wire Gauge (AWG)30
Cable Length (ft.)3.3
Cable Length (in.)39.4
Minimum Bend Radius40mm
Operating Temperature Range0℃ to +70℃
Storage Temperature Range-20℃ to +85℃
Operating Humidity Range5% to 85% RH
Storage Humidity Range5% to 85% RH
Network Compatibility400 Gbps
IEEE Standards Supported802.3bj; 802.3cd
Side A - Connector 1QSFP-DD
Side B - Connector 1QSFP-DD
CertificationsQSFP-DD MSA, RoHS, REACH
Product Warranty Period (Worldwide)Lifetime limited warranty

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More Q&As may be available on the N282D01MBK model support page.

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