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Robotic Fiber Panel System with Mini Chassis - 204 Multimode LC Fiber Ports

Employs robotic latching and remote management to optimally set up to 102 LC duplex automatic physical fiber connections between network devices.
  • Uses robotic latching and remote management software to re-configure fiber connections in <1 min.
  • Recommended for containerized data centers, telco networks and edge computing sites
  • Helps prevent costly downtime and reduce data center congestion and cord clutter
  • 204 ports can be scaled to support more than 500,000 ports with <1 dB insertion loss
  • Mounts into 7U of space in EIA-standard 19 in. rack enclosures
  • 1-year limited warranty

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Automates Switching to Optimize Fiber Networks
The compact NRFP-204MM-MINI Robotic Fiber Panel System (RFPS) with mini-chassis is a 7U rack-mounted cross-connect that integrates into micro/modular data centers, containerized data centers, remote edge computing installations, small cells, testing facilities and telco access networks. It employs robotic latching and remote management to establish up to 102 LC duplex automatic physical fiber connections between switches and servers quickly and accurately without costly on-site manual intervention. Through the cutting-edge RFPS, your data center can create accurate layer 1 connections, faster responses to costly downtime and simpler, more flexible 5G fiber infrastructure.

Does in 15 Seconds What Often Takes Days
The RFPS can typically re-configure a connection in 15 seconds, as opposed to the hours or even days it often takes for on-site network engineering to arrive and resolve the issue. Two robotic arms move cables into place with speed and precision with no placement errors. RFPS automation and network-integrated software will ensure the right cables are connected to the right ports. No longer will you have to wait for network engineers to handle your physical fiber connections manually. 

Makes Simple and Effective Fiber Network Management Possible
RFPS speed and automation makes the newer “any-to-all port” mesh designs in data centers more manageable. Designs like these incorporate more fiber cabling and are increasingly in use as the need for “Bandwidth on Demand” (BWoD) grows. The NRFP-204MM-MINI provides 204 ports out of the box and can be scaled to support more than 500,000 ports with less than 1 dB insertion loss. By simplifying fiber network management, you have more time to focus on higher-level technology decisions, while driving efficiencies and cutting costs.

Enhances Security
The more hands-on switching that occurs, the more your infrastructure is at risk of error or physical damage. Manual fiber connections will damage equipment over time. The RFPS latch creates connections with robotic precision that will add longevity to your infrastructure. In addition, limiting on-site management and employing software that logs an audit trail of network connections boosts regulatory compliance and reduces potential in-person health risks.

Increases Efficiency
Maximize your infrastructure’s value by performing regular reconfiguration of under-utilized or over-utilized connections. A higher rate of equipment usage means less unused cabling cluttering your environment. It also increases the efficiency of your infrastructure, meaning less capital expenses for new equipment and less operating expenses to power and manage it. The RFPS supports all current and future optical signals, regardless of bitrate or wavelength.

Gives You Extra Flexibility
Any organization that provides large-scale data services can take advantage of the flexibility the RFPS incorporates into their infrastructure. The NRFP-204MM-MINI can be configured to accommodate more than 500,000 ports, all optical signals and all network protocols. This helps you adapt to new technologies without equipment overhauls. You can plan automated network management tasks based on what fits your business needs, rather than what fits on-site engineering schedules. 

Saves You Money
Flexibility translates into cost savings as well. A more efficient infrastructure has less under-utilized equipment, which means less equipment to purchase, power and maintain. The RFPS’ unique automation capabilities can provide service and connectivity provisioning while ensuring significant savings on CAPEX and OPEX for network operators.

Package Includes

  • Robotic fiber panel mini-chassis
  • Fiber patch panel
RoHS compliant


UPC Code037332257093
Firmware / Software Docs
Offset PortsNo
Rack Height7U
Unit Dimensions (hwd / in.)12.25 x 19 x 20
Unit Weight (lbs.)80
Operating Temperature Range0 to 40 C (32 to 104 F)
Storage Temperature Range-40 to 70 C (-40 to 158 F)
Power Consumption (Watts)150
Operating Humidity Range5% to 95%
Storage Humidity Range5% to 95%
Power Consumption Detail50W (Standby); 150W (Peak)
Insertion Loss  1 dB max (0.5 dB typical)
Side A - Connector 1LC DUPLEX (FEMALE)
Side B - Connector 1LC DUPLEX (FEMALE)
Keystone JacksNo
All-in-One KitNo
Down-Angled PortsNo
Built-in CablesNo
Color-Coded ConnectionsNo
EIA/TIA 2/32 SpacingNo
CertificationsANSI/UL 60950-1 / CSA 60950-1 (USA / Canada), EN60950-1 (Europe), IEC60950-1 (International), CB Certificate & Report Including All Group and Country Deviations, Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/CE (Europe), CE Declaration of Conformity (Europe), FCC/ICES-003 Class A Verification Report (USA / Canada), RoHS Compliant, Reach Compliant, FCC /ICES-003 - Emissions (USA / Canada), CISPR 22/32 - Emissions (International), EN55022/32 - Emissions (Europe), EN55024 - Immunity (Europe), EN 300 386 - Emissions & Immunity (Europe), EN61000-3-2 - Harmonics (Europe), EN61000-3-3 - Voltage Flicker (Europe), EMC Directive 2004/108/EC (Europe)
Product Warranty Period (Worldwide)1-year limited warranty

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