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SmartRack Enclosure Skirt Kit for Euro-Series Wide Server Rack, 800 mm Width

Server rack skirt kit blocks unwanted airflow beneath 800 mm wide rack enclosure cabinets to improve cooling efficiency.
  • Improves cooling efficiency by segregating hot aisles from cold aisles
  • Hassle-free brush strip also prevents dust from getting inside the rack
  • Compatible with Tripp Lite SRX42 and SRX47 800 mm wide racks
  • Includes all necessary installation hardware, so you can mount immediately
  • 5-year limited warranty

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Improves Cooling Efficiency and Optimizes Airflow in Your Tripp Lite Euro-Series Rack
This SmartRack® enclosure skirt kit blocks unwanted airflow under a rack enclosure cabinet. By segregating cold aisle from hot aisle, this easy-to-install brush strip helps you reduce operating costs, improve equipment performance and provide longer lifespans for rack-mounted networking components. It also prevents dust from infiltrating the rack’s interior.
Installation Is Simple and Hassle-Free
This server rack skirt kit is compatible with Tripp Lite’s Euro-Series rack cabinets, including SRX42 and SRX47, which measure 800 millimeters in width. All necessary mounting equipment is included. Just install the brush strip at floor level across the front or rear of the cabinet to prevent an air stream from forming between hot and cold aisles.

Typical Applications

  • Prevent unwanted airflow under your rack enclosure to segregate cold aisle from hot aisle

Package Includes

  • SRSKIRTEU SmartRack Enclosure Skirt Kit for Euro-Series Wide Server Rack
  • Mounting hardware

System Requirements

  • Compatible with Tripp Lite Euro-Series wide rack enclosures, including SRX42 and SRX47
RoHS compliant


UPC Code037332214386
Product TypeEnclosure Skirt Kit
Accessories TypeEnclosure Skirt Kit
Cooling TypePassive
Shipping Dimensions (hwd / in.)0.59 x 32.28 x 2.75
Shipping Weight (lbs.)0.73
Unit Dimensions (hwd / in.)2.5 x 31.490 x .39
Unit Weight (lbs.)0.579
Product Warranty Period (Worldwide)5-year limited warranty

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More Q&As may be available on the SRSKIRTEU model support page.

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