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19" Rack Mount Bracket (holds up to three Cat5 extender/splitter local units)

  • Used for rackmounting up to three Tripp Lite Cat5 extender/splitter local units
  • 1U height x 19" Wide
  • 5-year limited warranty

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Use the B132-004-RB 1U, 19" wide bracket to rackmount up to three of Tripp Lite's 4-Port Cat5 extender/splitter local units, including: B136-004, B126-004, and B140-004.


  • Used for rackmounting up to three of Tripp Lite's 4-Port Cat5 extender/splitter local units
  • 1U height x 19" Wide

Package Includes

1 - 19"W, 1U, 3-space, Rackmount panel

RoHS compliant


UPC Code037332148735
Material of Construction14ga Steel
Shipping Dimensions (hwd / in.)3.00 x 3.90 x 21.80
Shipping Weight (lbs.)1.10
Unit Dimensions (hwd / in.)1.75 x 19 x 1.25
Unit Weight (lbs.)0.8
Product Warranty Period (Worldwide)5-year limited warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several possible causes for poor signal quality. Try the troubleshooting steps below: 1. Are the external power supplies that came with the product connected and plugged into a working power source? For the product to function properly, it must be connected to and receiving power from the external power supply. 2. Have you adjusted the Equalization and Gain settings? There are built-in Equalization and Gain adjustment knobs on every remote receiver and remote repeater unit, which can be adjusted to obtain the best picture quality. Use the mini screwdriver included with the product to adjust these settings until an acceptable image is displayed. 3. What resolution are you trying to reach? Tripp Lite’s VGA-over-Cat5 extenders are tested to support video resolutions up to 1024 x 768 @ 60 Hz at a max distance of 1,000 ft. from the source. The shorter the extension distance, the higher the resolution you will be able to obtain. If you are not able to get an acceptable image after adjusting the Equalization and Gain settings, try lowering your computer’s video resolution or adjusting the refresh rates. If these steps do not work, proceed to the following: 1. What type of cabling are you using? It’s important to use cables that support the video resolution you are trying to obtain. To achieve maximum distance and resolution, 24 AWG solid wire UTP cable must be used. Tripp Lite’s N202-Series Cat6 cables are made with 24 AWG solid wire, as are the N022-01K-GY (Cat5) and N222-01K-GY bulk cables. For optimal results at distances between 500 and 1000 ft., it’s recommended that you use Tripp Lite P524-01K zero-skew cabling. Also, the VGA cables must support the resolution you are trying to obtain. Inexpensive, low-quality VGA cables often do not support resolutions higher than 800 x 600. It’s recommended that you use VGA monitor cables made with RGB coax, such as Tripp Lite’s P502-Series cables. 2. Do you have any patch panels or other devices between the local transmitter and remote receiver units? Tripp Lite’s VGA-over-Cat5 extender products are designed to be connected directly from the transmitter to the receiver via UTP cable. The more connection points between the source and the remote monitor, the more likely signal degradation and poor performance will occur. Try removing all devices, including patch panels, between the transmitter and receiver. 3. Do you have a splitter, switch or other device in between the computer and transmitter, or in between the receiver and display? Tripp Lite’s VGA over Cat5 extenders wer designed for the transmitter to connect directly with the source computer, and for the receiver to connect directly to the display. If you have a splitter, switch, or other device in between, it should be removed from the installation. 4. Check your cabling for damage that may have occurred during installation. If a cable connector is loose from pulling through ceilings/walls, or the cable jacket is damaged and wiring is exposed, you will not be able to achieve maximum performance. 5. Is the local transmitter and/or remote receiver located in a high-temperature area? If the product is overheated, it will not function properly.
When video images are transmitted over cable, skew is a distortion in the image caused by the late arrival of one or more of the color signals. The delayed color signal is shifted to the right of other colors in the image, resulting in poor image quality. Skew is caused when high-resolution video signals are transmitted long distances over twisted pair cables. If the rate of twist varies between the pairs, each pair may be a different length and this can cause skew. A zero-skew cable is specifically designed for video transmission and has twisted pairs that are exactly the same length so the red, green and blue signals of the video arrive at exactly the same time.

Additional FAQs may be available on the B132004RB model support page.


Digital Signage & Audio/Video

  Model Number Description
B126-004 | Digital Signage & Audio/Video B126-004 4-Port HDMI over Cat5/6 Extender/Splitter, Box-Style Transmitter for Video/Audio, Up to 150 ft., TAA
B132-004-2 | Digital Signage & Audio/Video B132-004-2 4-Port VGA over Cat5/6 Splitter/Extender, Box-Style Transmitter for Video, Up to 1000 ft., TAA
B132-004A-2 | Digital Signage & Audio/Video B132-004A-2 4-Port VGA over Cat5/6 Splitter/Extender, Box-Style Transmitter for Video/Audio, Up to 1000 ft., TAA
B136-004 | Digital Signage & Audio/Video B136-004 4-Port Component Video + Stereo Audio over Cat5/Cat6 Extender Splitter, Box-Style Transmitter, Up to 700 ft., TAA
B140-004 | Digital Signage & Audio/Video B140-004 4-Port DVI over Cat5/6 Splitter/Extender, Box-Style Transmitter for Video, DVI-D Single Link, 200 ft., TAA

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