PowerAlert Power Management Software

PowerAlert monitors and controls hundreds of UPS Systems, PDUs, sensors, and the computers and equipment they support. And yes, it's 100% free!

Latest Software News

New PowerAlert Software now supports Java 8.

Install and Configure PowerAlert for VMware Servers.

PowerAlert Local

For home and small business applications, it will monitor power conditions, control your UPS system and enable automatic computer shutdown in the event of a power failure.

PowerAlert Network Shutdown Agent

Used when computers cannot be directly connected to a UPS, it monitors devices over your network and shuts down your computer when it detects an "on battery" event.

PowerAlert Network Management System

Intended for experienced network professionals, this software-only solution can monitor and control hundreds of devices including servers, UPS systems, PDUs, humidity and security sensors.

Hardware Accessories

Tripp Lite offers a number of hardware accessories designed to work with PowerAlert, including SNMP network cards, temperature, humidity and security sensors.

Click here to download the latest SNMPWEBCARD firmware version.

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