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Product Status Current Model Number: SU20K3/3XR5

SmartOnline 3-Phase 120/208V 20kVA 16kW Double-Conversion UPS, Extended Run, 5 internal batteries, Network Card Options, Tower, DB9 Serial, Hardwire

Product Warranty

Product Warranty Period (U.S. & Canada)


Tripp Lite warrants this product, if used in accordance with all applicable instructions, to be free from original defects in material and workmanship for 1 year from the date of initial purchase. If the product should prove defective in material or workmanship within that period, Tripp Lite will, subject to the foregoing terms and limitations, repair or replace the product, in its sole discretion, as your exclusive remedy for Tripp Lite's breach of its limited warranty.

Replacement UPS Batteries

Battery Model Number


Internal Battery Pack - Compatible with select SmartOnline 20kVA, 30kVA, 40kVA 3-Phase UPS System & SUBF2030 External Battery Frame
Information & Pricing
Quantity Required 1

Tripp Lite's Return Policy

Proof of Warranty Coverage

You must provide proof that the product is covered under warranty. This can be confirmed by the product's serial number or with proof of purchase in the form of an invoice or receipt from a Tripp Lite authorized dealer. If required, please include the proof of purchase invoice with your return. Warranties on Tripp Lite products begin on the date of your product purchase. Warranty coverage varies by product line. Specific warranty duration is outlined in the owner's manual that accompanies each unit.

Shipping Returns

You are responsible for all transportation, insurance, duties and other similar charges for returned products. Please use caution; shipping damages resulting from improper packaging will be your responsibility. We recommend using a reliable parcel or freight carrier who is capable of providing tracking information and proof of delivery. The proof of purchase, if required, and your RMA number must be inserted in the shipping carton before the carton is sealed.

Repair or Replacement

Tripp Lite will repair or replace the product at Tripp Lite's option and ship the repaired or replaced product back to you at no charge.

Products not accompanied by a valid RMA number will not be accepted. The RMA number must be enclosed with your product or be clearly visible on the outside of the packaging.

Request Return Authorization (RMA)

A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number is required for all products returned to Tripp Lite for replacement under warranty. You should first consult with Tripp Lite Customer Service (for returns within North America) or International Service (for returns outside of North America) before requesting an RMA number to eliminate any unnecessary returns. You can start the process by clicking on the contact technical support button below. Once eligibility has been determined, the RMA number along with shipping instructions will be emailed to you. RMA numbers are valid for 14 days from the date of issuance. Products will only be accepted for return if a valid RMA number is clearly marked on the outside of the package. Tripp Lite does not accept product returns that are not under warranty. If you bought the wrong Tripp Lite product and want to return it, please do so at the place of purchase. Returns will be authorized in accordance with the following policies.

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Parts & Accessories

UPS Battery Packs
  Model Number Description
SUBF2030 | UPS Battery Packs SUBF2030 External Battery Frame for Extended Runtime for select SmartOnline 20kVA & 30kVA 3-Phase UPS Systems
SURBC2030 | UPS Battery Packs SURBC2030 Internal Battery Pack - Compatible with select SmartOnline 20kVA, 30kVA, 40kVA 3-Phase UPS System & SUBF2030 External Battery Frame
UPS Accessories
  Model Number Description
SUDC208V42P | UPS Accessories SUDC208V42P 20-60kVA 3 Phase Power Distribution Center
SUDC208V42P30M | UPS Accessories SUDC208V42P30M 20-30kVA 3 Phase Power Distribution Center with Integrated 3 breaker 208V Service Bypass Switch
SU2030KMBP | UPS Accessories SU2030KMBP 3 Breaker Maintenance Bypass Panel for select Tripp Lite 20 and 30kVA UPS systems
Management Hardware
  Model Number Description
WEBCARDLX | Management Hardware WEBCARDLX Web Management Accessory Card
MODBUSCARD | Management Hardware MODBUSCARD MODBUS Management Accessory Card for UPS Remote Monitoring and Control
RELAYIOCARD | Management Hardware RELAYIOCARD Programmable Relay I/O Card
SNMPWEBCARD | Management Hardware SNMPWEBCARD SNMP Management Accessory Card, SmartPro or SmartOnline UPS Systems
TLNETCARD | Management Hardware TLNETCARD SNMP/Web/Modbus Management Accessory Card for compatible Tripp Lite UPS Systems
Part Number Description
W05-SCBAS1 3 Phase UPS System 20k 30k Amp 40k Basic Warranty Service Contracts primary battery cabinet only
W05-SCBAS1-1B 3 Phase UPS System 20k 30k 40k Basic Warranty Service Contracts primary plus one additional battery cabinet
W05-SCENH1 3 Phase UPS System 20k 30k Amp 40k Premium Warranty Service Contracts primary battery cabinet only
W05-SCENH1-1B 3 Phase UPS System 20k 30k 40k Premium Warranty Service Contracts primary plus one additional battery cabinet
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