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Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station - 4K @ 60 Hz, HDMI, DisplayPort, USB 3.1 Gen 1, GbE, 40 Gb, Black

Model Number: MTB3-DOCK-01 New

Portable docking station adds HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-A and Ethernet ports to your MacBook. EliteBook or other Thunderbolt 3 device.
  • Converts audio/video signals from sources supporting DisplayPort Alt Mode
  • Supports UHD resolutions up to 4096 x 2160 (@ 60 Hz) for crystal-clear 4K x 2K video
  • Connects you to a wired 10/100/1000 Ethernet network when Wi-Fi is unavailable
  • Supports Thunderbolt 3 speeds up to 40 Gbps between compatible devices
  • Supports USB 3.1 Gen 1 speeds up to 5 Gbps to ensure fast data downloads

  • 3-year limited warranty


Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station Turns Your MacBook or Other Notebook into a Workstation
This Thunderbolt 3 dock expands the potential of your MacBook or EliteBook’s Thunderbolt 3 port. It’s ideal for transmitting digital 4K audio and video to two large displays simultaneously, adding a thumb drive or other USB peripheral and connecting to a Gigabit Ethernet network—all at the same time.

Supports DisplayPort Alternate Mode for Transmitting Audio/Video Signals
By connecting the built-in Thunderbolt 3 cable to a source device that supports DisplayPort Alt Mode, you can output 4K video and digital audio to a compatible monitor, television or projector without installing special software drivers.

Transmits Crystal-Clear 4K Video and Digital Audio
The Thunderbolt 3 cable supports bidirectional data transfer speeds up to a sizzling 40 Gbps, which is eight times faster than USB 3.0. This makes the MTB3-DOCK-01 ideal for copying photos, music and 4K video files from one device to another and then transmitting them to a 4K monitor or television with a Thunderbolt 3 input. The HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2 outputs support UHD video resolutions up to 4096 x 2160 (4K x 2K) at 60 Hz. With the use of high-speed cables (such as Tripp Lite’s P569-Series HDMI or P580-Series DP cables, sold separately), both ports can be used at the same time to display the same true 4K image.

Connects Keyboards, Thumb Drives and Other USB Peripherals
The USB-A hub port accepts USB peripherals, such as flash drives, mice, keyboards and printers. It supports fast USB 3.1 Gen 1 data transfer rates up to 5 Gbps (10 times faster than USB 2.0) and is backward compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 devices.

Accesses a Wired Gigabit Ethernet Network
The RJ45 port offers access to a Gigabit Ethernet network when no Wi-Fi is available or when a wired connection offers faster speeds. Connect using a UTP cable (Tripp Lite N201-Series Cat6 cables sold separately), and enjoy true 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet speeds for fast data transfers.

Reversible Thunderbolt 3 Connector Attaches in Either Direction
Unlike traditional USB cables that connect in only one direction, the reversible Thunderbolt 3 male connector plugs into its port in either direction for a fumble-free connection every time.

Ready to Use Right from the Package, So You Can Plug and Play Immediately
The plug-and-play Thunderbolt 3 dock is specifically designed for use with the MacBook Pro and other notebook computers equipped with a Thunderbolt 3 port. It requires no software or drivers. It’s about the size of a smartphone, making it easy to pack into a pocket, backpack or laptop bag for multiport convenience wherever you go.

Typical Applications

  • Play video from your MacBook or EliteBook on 2 displays simultaneously, such as HDTVs, monitors or projectors
  • Transfer files from one Thunderbolt 3 device to another at 40 Gbps
  • Access a wired Gigabit Ethernet network in a location with no or spotty Wi-Fi
  • Connect a USB microphone/headset to record a podcast or listen to music

Package Includes

  • MTB3-DOCK-01 Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station, Black
  • Owner’s manual

System Requirements

  • Source device with Thunderbolt 3 port that supports USB DisplayPort Alternate Mode
  • Display device(s) with HDMI or DisplayPort input*
  • Ethernet network with speeds up to 1000 Mbps
*Both HDMI and DisplayPort outputs can transmit 4K video simultaneously. See owner’s manual for details.
RoHS compliant


UPC Code037332241986
Built-In Cable Length (ft.)0.79
Built-In Cable Length (m)0.24
Built-In Cable Length (in.)9.45
Built-In Cable Length (cm)24
Bus Powered  Yes
LED IndicatorsGreen = Power, Orange = Transmitting Data
Material of ConstructionPC, ABS, TPE
Unit Dimensions (hwd / in.)1.0 x 4.13 x 2.24
Unit Packaging TypeBox
Unit Weight (lbs.)0.154
Operating Temperature Range32 ~ 104F (0 ~ 40C)
Storage Temperature Range-4 ~ 185F (-20 ~ 85C)
Power Consumption (Watts)13.5
Operating Humidity Range10% RH ~ 85% RH (No Condensation)
Storage Humidity Range5% RH ~ 90% RH (Non Condensation)
Network Speed1Gbps
IEEE Standards Supported802.3
Side A - Connector 1USB B (MALE)
Side B - Connector 1DISPLAYPORT (FEMALE)
Side B - Connector 2USB A (FEMALE)
Side B - Connector 3HDMI (FEMALE)
Side B - Connector 4RJ45 (FEMALE)
Max Supported Video Resolution3840 x 2160 (4K x 2K) @ 60 Hz (Both DP and HDMI)
Displayport Specification1.2
HDMI Specification2.0
USB Hub PortsYes
USB SpecificationUSB 3.1 Gen 1 (up to 5 Gbps)
Driver RequiredNo
Recommended Category CableCat6 UTP
USB Power Delivery (PD) Charging SupportNo
Suspend Mode Support  Yes
TechnologyCat6; DisplayPort; HDMI; Thunderbolt; USB; USB 3.1 (Gen 1)
CertificationsTested to RoHS, REACH, CE, FCC, ANSI, ICES
Product Warranty Period (Worldwide)3-year limited warranty


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