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650VA 360W 230V Line-Interactive UPS - 4 C13 Outlets, 2 Australian Outlet Adapters, Tower

Desktop UPS offers complete power protection for small network applications, including home offices, security systems and digital signage.

  • Protects equipment against blackouts, brownouts, transient surges and line noise
  • Keeps AC power running during outages to allow time for file saves and safe shutdown
  • Maintains line power operation with input voltage as low as 170V and as high as 280V
  • 4 C13 outlets with 2 AUS/NZ adapters power and protect PCs and other equipment
  • Easy-to-see LEDs indicate line, battery, overload and fault conditions at a glance
  • 2-year limited warranty

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650VA/360W/230V Battery Backup for PCs, Home Theaters or Digital Signage
This OMNIVS® line-interactive UPS system with AVR protection provides reliable battery backup and AC power protection against blackouts, brownouts, overvoltages, surges and line noise that can damage valuable electronics or destroy data. The 230V battery backup is ideal protection for your home office, media center or commerce components, including computers, routers, printers, HDTVs, Blu-ray players, game consoles, ATMs, kiosks, security systems and digital signage equipment.

Allows Time to Back Up Critical Files During a Blackout
Backup support allows you to work through short power failures and gives you enough time to safely save files and shut down your system in case of a prolonged blackout. Backup time varies according to load, but the line-interactive UPS system should keep an energy-efficient desktop computer with small LCD monitor powered as long as 42 minutes. During normal operation, incoming utility power keeps the replaceable internal battery fully charged, so backup power will always be available.

4 IEC 320 C13 Outlets Protect Your Connected Components
All four C13 outlets provide battery backup and voltage regulation for your computer, monitor and other crucial components. Included outlet adapters with 30-centimeter cords convert two C13 outlets to 10A Australia/New Zealand-compatible outlets. A high >95% line mode efficiency rating reduces BTU emissions, energy consumption and, ultimately, your energy costs.

Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) Corrects Low- and High-Voltage Conditions
AVR protects your equipment from incremental hardware damage, data loss and performance problems caused by brownouts and overvoltages. The OMNIVSX650A can correct brownouts as low as 170V and overvoltages as high as 280V back to nominal 230V power continuously, all while keeping the battery fully charged and ready to take over in case of power failure.

312 Joules Fight Back Against Unexpected Power Surges
A 312-joule surge suppression rating protects connected components from the harmful effects of power surges.

Combats Electromagnetic Interference That Can Harm Equipment
EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI (radio frequency interference) line noise is a common cause of performance problems and can lead to incremental hardware damage, data corruption and audio/video transmission problems. The OMNIVSX650A incorporates technology that filters out disruptive line noise so that it won't affect your equipment.

Alarm and Diagnostic LEDs Keep You Informed 24/7
Three front-panel LEDs and audible alarm combine to indicate off/on power status, line power availability, battery mode operation, low battery, overload, battery replacement and fault mode.

Tower Form Factor for Easy Placement in Your Workspace or Media Center
The compact ABS housing fits easily on a desktop, shelf or anywhere else convenient to your workstation or home theater. Connect the C14 power inlet to a properly grounded AC wall outlet with a user-supplied power cord with country-specific plug. A detachable 1.5-meter power cord with 10A Australia/New Zealand input plug is included.

Typical Applications

  • Protect your PC and other sensitive electronics against power surges, line noise, brownouts, overvoltages and blackouts
  • Operate essential equipment during short-term power outages using battery backup power
  • Shut down desktop PCs and other equipment without data loss during long-term power outages 
  • Support small business phone systems, point-of-sale (POS) systems, kiosks and ATMs

Package Includes

  • OMNIVSX650A 650VA 360W 230V Line-Interactive UPS with 4 Outlets
  • (2) C13 to AUS/NZ outlet adapters, 30 cm
  • Power cord with 10A AUS/NZ plug, 1.5 m
  • Owner's manual
RoHS compliant


UPC Code037332255211
UPS TypeLine-Interactive
Rated input current (Maximum Load)2.8A
Nominal Input Voltage(s) Supported230V AC
UPS Input Connection TypeAUS/NZ 10A; C14 inlet
Input Circuit Breakers5A fuse
Input PhaseSingle-Phase
Output Volt Amp Capacity (VA)650
Output Watt Capacity (Watts)360
Nominal Voltage Details230V nominal output in battery mode
Frequency Compatibility50 / 60 Hz
Frequency Compatibility DetailsAutomatic frequency selection
Output Voltage Regulation (Line Mode)230V (±9.5%)
Output Voltage Regulation (Battery Mode)±10%
Output AC Waveform (AC Mode)Sine wave
Output AC Waveform (Battery Mode)PWM sine wave
Nominal Output Voltage(s) Supported220V; 230V; 240V
Output Receptacles(4) C13
Individually Controllable Load Banks  No
Half Load Runtime (min.)  6 min. (180w)
Expandable RuntimeNo
DC System Voltage (VDC)12
Battery Recharge Rate (Included Batteries)8 hours from 10% to 90%
Battery Replacement DescriptionSee manual for battery replacement information
Voltage Regulation DescriptionAutomatic voltage regulation (AVR) maintains line power operation with input voltage as low as 170 and as high as 280
Overvoltage Correction  Input voltages between 253 and 280 are reduced by 15%
Undervoltage Correction  Input voltages between 170 and 207 are boosted by 18%
Switches1 Switch controls off/on power status
Audible AlarmAudible alarm with distinct tone patterns indicates low-battery, overload, replace-battery and fault-mode
LED Indicators3 front panel LEDs indicate off/on power status, line power availability, battery mode operation, overload, replace-battery and fault-mode
UPS AC Suppression Joule Rating312
UPS AC Suppression Response TimeInstantaneous
EMI / RFI AC Noise Suppression  Yes
Installation Form Factors Supported with Included AccessoriesTower
Primary Form FactorTower
Primary UPS Depth (mm)300
Primary UPS Height (mm)142
Primary UPS Width (mm)102
Shipping Dimensions (hwd / in.)8.70 x 5.60 x 13.60
UPS Housing MaterialPVC
UPS Power Module Dimensions (hwd, in.)5.6 x 4 x 11.8
UPS Power Module Weight (kg)4.81
UPS Power Module Weight (lbs.)10.6
Operating Temperature Range0 to 40°C
Storage Temperature Range-15 to 45°C
Relative HumidityUp to 90%, non-condensing
AC Mode BTU / Hr. (Full Load)  26
AC Mode Efficiency Rating (100% Load)95%
Operating Elevation (m)0-2000m
Communications InterfaceNone
Transfer Time  6 milliseconds
Low Voltage Transfer to Battery Power (Setpoint)170
High Voltage Transfer to Battery Power (Setpoint)280
Cold Start (Startup in Battery Mode During a Power Failure)Yes
High Availability UPS Features  Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR); Surge/noise protection
UPS CertificationsAS/NZS 4417; CE
Certification DetailsSeries Number (s) AG-04F0; Safety Standards (International) IEC62040-1:2017 (2nd Ed); AS/NZS 4417; EMI/EMC Standards EN/IEC62040-2:2018; Category C2; Class A; IEC62040-2:2016
Product Warranty Period (International)2-year limited warranty


Extended Warranty

Part Number Description
WEXT1C 1-Year Extended Warranty and Technical Support for Select Tripp Lite Products – Includes UPS Battery Coverage if Applicable
WEXT2C 2-Year Extended Warranty and Technical Support for Select Tripp Lite Products – Includes UPS Battery Coverage if Applicable
WEXT3C 3-Year Extended Warranty and Technical Support for Select Tripp Lite Products – Includes UPS Battery Coverage if Applicable

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