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Connecting Video Sources to Displays - AV over IP Solutions

Title Connecting Video Sources to Displays - AV over IP Solutions
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A/V over IP solutions use transmitters and receivers to send signals over Cat5e/6 cabling or a video-dedicated IP network.

These solutions are flexible, scalable, and capable of transmitting signals over longer distances than are possible with traditional Cat5e/6 solutions.

Tripp Lite’s A/V over IP solutions allow you to mix and match technologies. Audio/video signals from any source, analog or digital, can be received by any analog or digital display.

RS-232 serial and IR feed through signals are also supported.

A simple A/V over IP solution with one transmitter and one receiver can transmit a signal up to 328 feet. That’s more than 200 feet farther than a traditional Cat5e/6 solution.

By adding a network switch in between your transmitter and receiver, you can extend that range an additional 328 feet.

To add another 328 feet to your installation, simply add another switch…

…and another…

…and another…

…until your desired distance is achieved.

Using a network switch also allows you to support multiple sources and multiple displays.

By adding multiple switches to your installation, you can support up to 64 transmitters and 255 receivers in a single system.

These solutions can be used with unmanaged or managed switches, giving you the option of managing your installation locally or remotely.

In terms of flexibility, scalability and distance, Tripp Lite’s A/V over IP solutions offer all kinds of possibilities.

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