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B126-Series HDMI over Cat5 Extender/Splitter

Title B126-Series HDMI over Cat5 Extender/Splitter
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Tripp Lite’s HDMI over Cat5 Extenders provide cost-effective solutions for digital signage and video distribution in venues like schools, churches, retail stores, and trade shows. The extenders allow you to send high resolution HDMI signals to multiple remote HDTVs and displays, while the source remains hidden and secure.

Each installation requires a transmitter and at least one receiver. The transmitter connects to the source and an optional local display. The receivers each connect to a remote display. The B126-002 transmitter supports two receivers, and the B126-004 transmitter supports up to four receivers (or twelve when three transmitters are daisy-chained).

Receivers have active or passive technology, and box style or wall plate form factors. B126-1P0 is a passive box receiver. B126-1P0-WP is a passive wall plate receiver. B126-1A0 is an active box receiver. B126-1A0-WP-1 is an active wall plate receiver. Passive receivers support distances up to 50 ft. at 1080p or 100 ft. at 1080i. Active receivers support distances up to 150 ft. at 1080p or 200 ft. at 1080i.

HDMI signals are HDCP, 3D, and 7.1-channel surround sound compatible. Each receiver connects to the transmitter with a single Cat5, Cat5e, or Cat6 cable. Cat5 cabling fits through conduit and other tight spaces that won’t accommodate standard HDMI cables. It’s also very cost-effective, especially where plenum rated cabling is required.

To connect even more displays or extend even farther, add B126-110 Repeaters. By daisy chaining repeaters, you can connect up to 48 remote displays up to 700 ft. away.

All of the units mentioned are also TAA Compliant for GSA Schedule purchases.

If you need a cost-effective way to extend an HDMI signal over long distances to multiple displays, order Tripp Lite’s B126 Series over Cat5 Extenders.

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