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How to Choose a PDU: Basic PDUs

Title How to Choose a PDU: Basic PDUs
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In this video, we will provide an overview of the Tripp Lite PDU line, then focus on the special features of Basic PDUs.

Tripp Lite makes more than 100 models of network-grade PDUs.

Tripp Lite PDUs are available for all network applications, including data centers, server rooms, network closets and remote cabinets.

Tripp Lite PDUs are divided into four main types: Basic, Metered, Monitored and Switched. Each PDU type after Basic includes all the features of the previous type and also includes additional features.

Tripp Lite Basic PDUs provide are a reliable, no-frills power distribution solution for all network applications at an affordable price. Basic PDU models support several different voltages and input currents to cover a wide range of network power needs.

Like all Tripp Lite PDUs, Basic PDUs are built of only the highest quality components. All units feature a durable metal housing and up to 40 high-quality NEMA or IEC outlets for reliable power connections. Tripp Lite’s focus on quality reduces the chance of experiencing power failures and costly downtime.

Tripp Lite PDUs come in both Horizontal and Vertical form factors for versatile configuration options. For space-saving 0U installations, detachable toolless mounting buttons on Tripp Lite Vertical PDUs make installations in rack cabinets with keyhole mounting slots a snap. An optional accessory also allows select 1U Horizontal PDUs to be mounted in a vertical format.

For more information about Tripp Lite Basic PDUs, including help with selecting the ideal PDU for your application, contact Tripp Lite today!




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