High-Density Fiber Patch Panel Solutions

Future-Proofing Your Fiber and Copper Network Infrastructure

Application Diagram
Seamlessly migrate and distribute bandwidth from 100/200 Gb to 40 Gb to 10 Gb.

A High-Density Fiber Enclosure Panel
B High-Density Fiber Enclosure Panel
C 100/120 Gb to 10 Gb Breakout Cassette
D 40 Gb to 10 Gb Breakout Cassette
E 100/120 Gb to 40 Gb Breakout Cassette
F 100/120 Gb Pass-Through Cassette
G 40 Gb Pass-Through Cassette

Accommodate Future Standards and Network Growth




  • Change a single cassette without replacing the panel or removing other cassettes
  • Integrate cabling with higher network speeds by swapping existing cassettes with new cassettes that support the higher speeds
  • Add enclosure panels to populate with more cassettes
  • Manage varying port densities and speeds in a single high-density patch panel to save valuable rack space and help lower data center costs
  • Simply and elegantly connect equipment with different network speeds
  • Accommodate future standards

High-Density Fiber Patch Panel Solutions

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