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WorkWise Standing Desks Buying Guide

Improve workspace ergonomics, promote health and increase productivity.

What are standing desk solutions?

Research suggests that sitting at a desk all day long can increase the risk of serious health problems. The American Medical Association (AMA) "recognizes that there are potential risks of prolonged sitting" and "encourages efforts by employers, employees and others to make available alternatives such as standing work stations." [1]

However, standing all day can cause other problems, such as swelling and fatigue. WorkWise standing desk solutions provide a better way to promote wellness and discourage harmful sedentary behavior. They allow office workers to seamlessly alternate between sitting and standing throughout the workday, helping them moderate physical stresses and maintain a steady flow of energy, ideas and activity.

standing desk, standing

WorkWise adjustable-height desks provide a complete desk solution, combining an electric adjustable-height base, digital memory control and a variety of durable and attractive work surfaces.

WorkWise adjustable-height workstations

WorkWise adjustable-height workstations convert existing desks to gain the benefits of standing for part of the day.

1.  American Medical Association Policy H-440.843 Health Risks of Sitting.

What are the potential benefits of standing for part of the day?

Initial studies and user reports suggest that standing for part of the day (standing ergonomics) has a range of potential health, wellness and productivity benefits:

  • Improving alertness, concentration and productivity
  • Improving posture and toning key muscle groups
  • Reducing fatigue, eyestrain, aches and pains
  • Improving circulation and respiration
  • Lowering blood pressure and reducing risk of diabetes and heart disease
  • Increasing comfort, improving morale and reducing absenteeism
  • Decreasing risk of repetitive stress injuries
  • Accommodating multiple workers in shared spaces
  • Burning extra calories and increasing metabolism

For example, a Mayo Clinic study found that simply standing for two hours during the day instead of sitting can burn 340 extra calories.[2] That's like cutting a dozen doughnuts out of your diet every week!

2.  James A. Levine & Selene Yeager, Move a Little, Lose a Lot.

What if I can't stand during work, or prefer not to?

WorkWise standing desks are still beneficial for users who remain sitting. They allow users to adjust the height of the work surface for optimal ergonomic positioning. In addition, the ability to make quick adjustments and save height preferences using the digital memory control is perfect for accommodating the comfort of multiple users in temporary and shared workspaces.

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Should I order an adjustable-height desk or an adjustable-height workstation?

  • If you need a complete desk, you should order an adjustable-height desk. Desk bases and desk tops are sold separately, so you should order one of each per complete desk.
  • If you prefer to convert an existing desk, order an adjustable-height workstation. Depending on the model you select, the standing workstation will either rest on top of your existing desk or clamp to it.

What are WorkWise adjustable-height desks (also known as sit-stand desks)?

WorkWise sit-stand desks make it easy to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day, promoting health and productivity. Users can customize height settings for personal comfort and save preferences with the digital memory control.

A  Adjustable-Height Base

  • Electric motor adjusts height from 23.5" to 49" quickly
  • Sturdy steel base holds up to 365 lb. (including top)
  • Maintains stability across entire height range

B  Digital Memory Control

  • Displays desk height in inches
  • Adjusts height in 0.1" increments
  • Saves up to four preferences

C  Powder-Coated MDF Top

  • Provides exceptional durability and long service life
  • Made in U.S.A. from 100% recycled wood fibers (certified by Sustainable Forestry Initiative)
  • Complies with California (CARB) emission requirements and qualifies for LEED credits
  • 60" top includes an ergonomic, contoured edge for easy reach

What are the steps for configuring a WorkWise sit-stand desk?

Desk bases and desk tops are sold separately, so choose a base (3 color options) and choose a top (7 size/color options). The base includes the digital memory control and adjusts to fit any of the available tops.

1. Choose a Base


2. Choose a Top

  48" x 30" Black
  48" x 30" Espresso
  60" x 30" Black
  60" x 30" Espresso
  60" x 30" White
  72" x 30" Black
  72" x 30" Espresso

The 60" tops have a contoured front.
The 48" and 72" tops have a straight front.

3. Add Accessories (Optional)

Use our Desk Configurator to choose your base, top and accessories.

Why is ANSI/BIFMA compliance important?

The Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA), in accordance with the requirements of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), governs standards evaluating the safety, durability and structural performance of products intended for use in commercial office and related institutional environments. ANSI/BIFMA standards cover a wide range of furniture products, including desks. ANSI/BIFMA compliance is an assurance of quality, performance, safety, stability and ergonomic design


What are WorkWise adjustable-height workstations (also known as sit-stand workstations)?

WorkWise sit-stand workstations convert most fixed-height desks and other work surfaces to gain the benefits of standing ergonomics. Conversion is easy and completely reversible. Standing workstations support up to 29 lb. and provide stability in every position, yet adjust with a single touch. An extra-large keyboard tray provides ample space for the most popular models.

WWSSDT desktop workstation

Desktop Workstation

  • Sits on any flat work surface
  • Adjusts monitor platform height approximately 22" above work surface
  • Requires only 20" x 20" desk space
  • Supports dual monitors (with optional mount)
WWSSDC desk clamp workstation

Desk-Clamp Workstation

  • Clamps to a flat surface up to 3" thick
  • Adjusts monitor platform height up to 22" above work surface
  • Accommodates various depths
  • Supports dual monitors (with optional mount)
WWSS1327CP single-monitor desk clamp workstation

Single-Monitor Desk-Clamp Workstation

  • Clamps to a flat surface up to 3.35" thick
  • Mounts an LCD monitor up to 27" (VESA 75x75 or 100x100)
  • Adjusts keyboard tray height up to 14.5" above work surface
  • Permits left-right, up-down and front-back movement
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