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On-Site Service Programs

On-site start-up, on-site service and warranty coverage programs up to three years are available for Tripp Lite 5kVA-80kVA UPS Systems. Custom warranty programs also can be developed to extend coverage beyond three years.

Start-Up Service

To ensure safe and proper operation, Tripp Lite recommends 3-phase or 208V single-phase UPS systems be commissioned by a factory-trained field engineer. This start-up service is performed after the UPS wiring has been installed, but prior to powering up the unit. Start-up service visits are conducted by appointment (business hours, evenings or weekends) and should be arranged 10 days in advance.

Start-up includes the following services, as applicable:

  • Visual inspection of the installed UPS system's power module and battery pack
  • Inspection/verification of the installation of the input and output wiring to and from UPS devices
  • Confirmation of the integrity and torque of mechanical connections
  • Setting/ensuring proper configuration of the UPS
  • Measuring/baselining of individual batteries (rated 50 ampere hours or greater)
  • UPS power-up and verification/calibration to factory specifications
  • Test operation of system with customer loads for up to 15 minutes (if requested in advance)
  • Test operation of system with customer generator (applicable 3-phase UPS suites, if requested in advance)
  • User training in UPS diagnostic, operational and troubleshooting features

Before scheduling the start-up service with Tripp Lite, the customer is responsible for accomplishing the following, as applicable:

  • Obtaining all required licenses and permits
  • Site preparation
  • Physical installation of the unit
  • Installation of wall-mount maintenance bypass switch
  • Installation of AC input and output wiring
  • Installation of wire harnesses between power module and transformer(s)
  • Installation of battery cables between battery cabinet(s) and UPS

All electrical work is to be performed by a properly licensed electrician in accordance with the UPS owner's manual, National Electrical Code and local codes.

Tripp Lite will provide telephone support at no charge to assist your electrician with questions about the UPS system's electrical installation.

For an additional charge, Tripp Lite can arrange for its field engineer to consult with your electrician at the site on questions concerning the UPS system's electrical installation.

Tripp Lite recommends the customer's electrician be present during start-up to correct any wiring errors.

If the equipment has not been installed or its wiring was not installed properly prior to the start-up service visit, and the condition cannot be corrected in 30 minutes or less, a repeat visit must be scheduled with the field engineer at an additional cost to the customer.

An additional start-up charge applies to each auxiliary or extra battery cabinet purchased in conjunction with the base UPS system.

Additional Service Programs

Tripp Lite offers several On-Site Service Programs and Extended Warranties to ensure you receive optimal performance from your Single-Phase or 3-Phase UPS System investment. Our website includes most programs, but not all. Contact our Solutions Team for additional on-site service programs not offered on our website by calling +1 (773) 869-1776 or emailing us.

Coverage Notes

Each Single-Phase or 3-Phase UPS System ships with internal batteries or a primary battery pack. External battery packs or custom battery cabinets can be purchased to extend runtime. Additional charges may apply for additional battery packs and/or cabinets. The part numbers applicable to UPS on-site service programs that include external battery packs or custom battery cabinets differ from those applicable to a UPS and its primary battery source. If necessary, check for on-site service programs that include additional battery packs, or contact our Solutions Team for additional on-site service programs not offered on our website by calling +1 (773) 869-1776or emailing us.


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