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Top 5 UPS Support Issues

1. When all of the equipment is connected, the UPS system just shuts down.

Problem: Exceeding the UPS load capacity.
Solution: The power rating of the equipment that is plugged into the battery-supported outlets must not exceed the UPS capacity. To make sure it doesn't, add together the power rating for each piece of equipment and compare the total requirements to the capacity of the unit, which is listed a) on the bottom of the UPS, or b) on the Specification tab on Tripp Lite's product page. If the total power draw of the connected equipment exceeds the capacity of the UPS, the load MUST be reduced for the UPS to perform properly.
Next Steps: Figure Out How Much Capacity You Need with Tripp Lite's UPS System Load Calculator.

2. The UPS system wasn't in use for a period of time and now the batteries do not charge.

Problem: Improper storage of the UPS unit when not in use
Solution: It's recommended that when a UPS system is stored for an extended period of time, the batteries should be fully recharged every three months by plugging the UPS into a live AC outlet and letting the UPS system charge for 4 to 6 hours. If the UPS batteries are left discharged for an extended period of time, they will suffer a permanent loss of capacity and can result in the failure of the UPS system.
Next Steps:
  1. Fully charge the battery every three months.
  2. Find a replacement UPS System battery using Tripp Lite's Battery Finder.

3. When the UPS System is in battery mode, equipment shuts down immediately.

Problem: Battery health not monitored
Solution: There are a variety of reasons why the UPS didn't provide battery power to equipment. Conduct a self test and verify that the attached load doesn't exceed the maximum capacity of the UPS system and connected equipment is attached to the battery-supported outlets, NOT the surge-only outlets (See question 4 for more information). If the UPS and battery are more than two years old, and depending upon usage, it's possible the battery performance and capacity have deteriorated over time and a replacement is needed. A voltage reading of the batteries can determine if they are within the recommended capacity range.
Next Steps:
  1. Check the load does not exceed the UPS System's capacity.
  2. Find a replacement UPS System battery using Tripp Lite's Battery Finder.

4. When switching to battery mode, essential equipment turns off and non-essential equipment stays on.

Problem: Incorrect equipment setup
Solution: Most UPS systems have 2 sets of outlets: battery- and surge-protected outlets that DO provide battery backup power, and surge-only outlets that DO NOT provide battery backup power. Reconnecting the equipment that requires battery backup power and that is within the output capacity of the UPS directly into the battery-supported outlets is recommended. Equipment that does not require battery protection or that exceeds the capacity of the UPS can be plugged into the surge-only outlets. When the UPS system operates in battery mode, power is not available from the surge-only outlets.
Next Steps:
  1. Check that essential equipment is plugged into battery-supported outlets.
  2. Find a UPS System with all battery-supported outlets using Tripp Lite's UPS Finder.

5. UPS system will not turn on. The power button does nothing.

Problem: Insufficient charge or tripped circuit breaker
Solution: A UPS System should be allowed to charge its battery for 4-6 hours before use. Alternately, a circuit breaker might have been tripped. Tripp Lite UPS systems have either a "BUTTON" OR "PLUNGER" type circuit breaker. The type can be determined by examining the outside of the UPS system.
Next Steps:
  1. If there is no circuit breaker, continue to the next step. If there is a circuit breaker, press the button inward. If there is no resistance and the button stays recessed, then the circuit breaker is already reset.
  2. Confirm that the AC outlet has power by connecting a lamp or other non-battery-operated device to the outlet.
  3. Turn on the unit by pressing the power button until there is a beep and then release it.
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