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What Employees are Saying

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Sean – Accounting

Company Culture
"This is my first professional job out of college and it breaks all the stereotypes I had about working for a company. It's an easy-going and friendly atmosphere, not just a business. My department is really focused on building a family feeling and that makes me like coming to work."

Professional Growth
"In my position, I am able to work on different projects and tasks that incorporate many aspects of the accounting world. I am able to learn a lot about the company's operations by working across multiple departments within the company."

Working in Chicago's Bridgeport Neighborhood
"I like the fact that we're in the city, but far enough away from downtown that we have our own parking lot and don't have to pay for parking."

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Mary – International Sales Management

Company Culture
"I'm impressed that the company president knows everybody's name. It's indicative that upper management cares about employees at all levels."

"There's a lot of promotion from within. If you work hard, you can develop your own role and find great opportunities for growth."

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Catrina – Product Support Management

Training & Development
"I'm impressed by the level of training provided to our Technical Support group. The team gets a lot of coaching and development along the way and are quite well-versed on products."

Work/Life Balance
"Tripp Lite gives me a great work/life balance. I'm very busy all day, but not to the point it takes over my life, and because I have a young child, that's really important to me."

Working in Chicago's Bridgeport Neighborhood
"Bridgeport seems like a hidden gem in the city and it appears to be on verge of becoming the next 'cool' frontier. I have found Bridgeport to be a great area of the city!"

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Ed – Engineering

Company Culture
"The atmosphere is welcoming and enthusiastic. And it's a place where the people make it feel like home."

Professional Growth
"Tripp Lite helps you grow by allowing you to work outside the normal realm of your daily job. The level of knowledge I've gathered over the years has been tremendous for my growth and allowed me to move up from a position with Customer Service to Engineering."

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Hayden – Channel Sales

"When I was looking for a job, it was enticing that Tripp Lite is such a financially stable company with great products. This was important to me as a young professional."

"My manager is open to hearing proposals for new ideas as long as you make a clear business case and you're willing to do the work behind it. It's an open environment for collaboration."

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Cristian – Engineering

Company Culture
"Tripp Lite offers diversity, a healthy culture and the challenges I look for in my professional development."

Recommend to a Friend
"I would definitely recommend a friend to work at Tripp Lite because I can proudly say I love my job and I love being part of the Tripp Lite family."

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Jeff – Channel Sales

Company Culture
"It's a good environment for building relationships with a lot of people. It makes coming to work every day easy."

"Tripp Lite offers plenty of opportunities for career growth. Hard work, knowledge and versatility are recognized, which makes it easier to move up in the company."




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