Here's what our people are saying:

"It's rewarding to work for a company that invests in its people and gives them opportunities to grow. When I started at Tripp Lite, I was in a team of two. Now it's a team of seven that I manage, and I feel like our growth is unstoppable."

Michelle, Marketing Management, 13 years

"When I decided to join Tripp Lite, I was impressed by the entrepreneurial approach to developing new business. You feel like you have the freedom to make a big impact."

Alex, Sales Management, 2 years

"Change is the only constant in marketing, so it's hard to keep up with all the latest developments and best practices. Tripp Lite understands this and provides us with ongoing training and classes to keep us current and ready to compete head-on."

Gloria, Public Relations, 9 years

"I've been able to take on new challenges as I've learned the ropes and shown that I can get the job done. At Tripp Lite, opportunity is always available if you're open to it."

Ed, Engineering, 15 years

"I became interested in joining Tripp Lite because of its global business. Tripp Lite has a strong presence around the world, and I wanted to be involved with that to expand my own international experience."

Mary, International Management, 15 years

"Tripp Lite combines a laid-back environment with high standards for the quality of work expected of its employees. This means I can focus on the job at hand without distractions and typical corporate red tape."

Jeff, Accounting, 8 years

The information on this page is intended for prospective employees based in the United States. If you interested in working for Tripp Lite outside of the United States and have questions about employment benefits, please contact us.