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400G Multimode 50/125 OM4 Plenum Fiber Optic Breakout Cable, 16F MTP/MPO-APC to (x8) LC Duplex (F/M), Magenta, 5 m

400 GbE Ethernet cable supports high bandwidths necessary for next-generation cloud services, hyperscale data centers and telecom carriers.

  • OM4-rated cable recommended for 400 Gb speeds up to 100 m (@ 850 nm)
  • MTP/MPO 16-fiber end designed for next-gen 400G QSFP-DD transceivers
  • Connectors tested for low insertion loss and back reflection to ensure top performance
  • Plenum rated for horizontal premise applications in air ducts and drop ceilings
  • Magenta jacket allows fast, easy identification in a crowded switch or patch panel

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Tripp Lite Part Number

N846D-05M-16EMG New

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400 GbE Cable Supports Higher Bandwidths Needed for Next-Gen Data and Voice Networking
As the amount of traffic in data networks grows, so does the need for next-generation devices and fiber cables to support much higher bandwidths in cloud services, hyperscale data centers, telecom applications and equipment OEM companies. This multimode 50/125 OM4 breakout cable is an ideal choice for 400G Ethernet applications up to 100 meters (at 850 nm). It has documented insertion loss and back reflection testing on every connector and attenuation loss that meets or exceeds current standards.

16-Fiber MTP/MPO Connector Designed for the Latest QSFP-DD Transceivers
The MPO connector has a wide parallel optical interface for use with the latest 400G QSFP-DD transceivers, making this cable an excellent solution for your high-density network application. The MPO connector is the same size as a standard SC connector, but 12 times denser, allowing vertical stacking in switches or patch panels where space is at a premium. Pull tabs make the cable easy to install or remove with one hand. The LC duplex connectors are recommended for high-density feed-through cassettes with no splicing required.

Magenta Jacket Helps Avoid Misidentification That Can Cause Costly Downtime
The OM4-rated cable has a magenta jacket, which is easy to identify quickly in a crowded patch panel or switch and helps prevent the cable from becoming accidentally disconnected. The three-millimeter ruggedized plenum-rated jacket has low smoke and flame characteristics, making it suitable for premise applications in ceilings, walls and ducts.

Typical Applications

  • Connect 400G fiber Ethernet networks in your cloud service, hyperscale data center or telecom application
  • Connect 400G Cisco, Arista, Juniper and other network switches through air ducts and drop ceilings

Package Includes

N846D-05M-16EMG 400G Multimode 50/125 OM4 Fiber Optic Cable, Magenta, 5 m

RoHS compliant


UPC Code037332258366
Attenuation @ 1310NM1.0 dB/KM
Attenuation @ 850NM3.0 dB/KM
Clad Diameter125 micron
Core Diameter50 micron
Number of Fibers16
Primary Coating Diameter245
TechnologyMTP/MPO; Multimode; QSFPDD
Optical Mode  OM4
Cable Length (ft.)16.4
Cable Length (in.)196.9
Insertion Loss  MTP/MPO: <0.60dB; LC: <0.20dB
Cable Jacket RatingOFNP
Cable Jacket TypeOFNP
ColorAqua; Black; Green; Magenta
Minimum Bend Radius20MM (DYNAMIC); 10MM (STATIC)
Operating Temperature Range-4 TO 140 F (-20 TO 60 C)
Storage Temperature Range-4 TO 140 F (-20 TO 60 C)
Operating Humidity Range5% TO 85% RH, NON-CONDENSING
Storage Humidity Range5% TO 85% RH, NON-CONDENSING
Network Speed400Gbe
Side A - Connector 116-STRAND MTP (FEMALE)
Side B - Connector 1(8) LC DUPLEX (MALE)
Transmission Distance100M @ 850NM Wavelength
ApprovalsRoHS, REACH
Product Warranty Period (Worldwide)Lifetime limited warranty

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