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USB-A Port Blockers, Red, 10 Pack

Block empty USB ports to prevent accidental or unauthorized connection of devices that could upload malware or copy private data.
  • Port blockers help prevent unwanted thumb drives and other devices from connecting
  • Can only be locked and unlocked with Tripp Lite U2BLOCK-A-KEY (sold separately)
  • Compatible with all USB-A ports in computers, hubs and wall chargers

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Secure USB Port Blockers Protect Your Data Against Unauthorized Access
These port blockers are an easy way to prevent unapproved personnel from connecting an unwanted flash drive or other USB peripheral to a USB-A port. Use a Tripp Lite U2BLOCK-A-KEY security key (sold separately) to insert a blocker into the USB port and lock it into place. This will prevent any USB peripheral from infecting the device with malware or removing classified data. The key also removes the blocker just as easily and quickly as it installs the blocker. The U2BLOCK-A10-RD includes 10 red blockers, which can only be used with the key included with U2BLOCK-A-KEY.

System Requirements

  • Security key included with Tripp Lite U2BLOCK-A-KEY

Package Includes

  • (10) Port blockers
  • Quick Start Guide
TAA compliant RoHS compliant


UPC Code037332253606
Accessory TypePort Blocker
Accessory ClassUSB Accessories
Product Length (in.)0.28
Product Length (cm.)0.713
Product Length (ft.)0.02339
Product Length (m.)0.00713
Material of ConstructionMetal, Stainless Steel, Nickel, Plastic
Unit Packaging TypePolybag
Operating Temperature Range-40 - 185 °F (-40 - 85 °C)
Storage Temperature Range-58 - 221 °F (-50 - 105 °C)
Operating Humidity Range0 - 95 % RH, Non-Condensing
Storage Humidity Range0 - 95 % RH, Non-Condensing
Side A - Connector 1USB A (MALE)
Side B - Connector 1USB A (MALE)
Connector PlatingNickel
Contact Plating  Nickel
CertificationsRoHS and REACH
Product Warranty Period (Worldwide)Lifetime limited warranty

Questions & Answers

More Q&As may be available on the U2BLOCKA10RD model support page.

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