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2000W PowerVerter Plus Industrial-Strength Inverter with 2 Outlets

Need heavy-duty power on the go? No problem. The PV2000FC Industrial-Strength Inverter offers 2 outlets and up to 2000W of continuous output from a vehicle’s battery or a 12V external battery bank, making it perfect for a work truck with industrial equipment (e.g. power tools, electric motors). Its highly efficient operation can handle peak load requirements for equipment with high-current startup needs—up to 200% of its rated capacity.
  • Designed for heavy duty and motor loads
  • 12V DC input; 120V AC output; 2 outlets
  • 2000W continuous output
  • Peak surge output: OverPower (up to 1 hour)—3000W, Double-Boost (up to 10 seconds)—4000W
  • High-efficiency power conversion
  • Automatic overload protection

  • 1-year limited warranty

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Utilize your vehicle's battery to efficiently power office equipment on the road or power tools at a work site. Continuously supplies up to 2000W of 120V AC power to 2 AC outlets from any 12V battery or automotive DC source. Frequency control locks AC output at 60Hz for operating stability of motor loads. Includes a set of high-current DC input terminals for simple, permanent installation. Highly reliable large transformer design specializes in powering motors and other inductive loads with high-current startup needs. Built-in RJ45 port allows connection of APS/PowerVerter Remote Switch (APSRM4)
OPTIONAL FEATURES: Optional load sense function enables automatic inverter shutoff and startup as connected equipment is powered off and on. Front panel load sense potentiometer can be set to shut off or turn on inverter power in response to loads of any level. Ignition Switch Control Jack connects inverter to vehicle ignition system to automatically control inverter. Inverter ON/OFF Relay Jack connects to a user-supplied on/off indicator for remote visual status of the operation of the inverter.

NOTE: To protect against high current draw that may occur during inverter failure, a fuse link rated at 400a should be positioned no more than 18" from the PV2000FC's battery in the positive line.


  • Allows users to run large, motorized AC appliances from any 12V battery or automotive DC system
  • Converts 12V DC battery power to 120V AC power
  • 2000W continuous output power
  • Peak surge output: OverPower (up to 1 hour) 3000W, Double-Boost (up to 10 seconds) 4000W
  • 2 x NEMA 5-15/20R outlets; DC input terminals for 12V battery connection
  • Frequency control for operating stability
  • High-efficiency operation conserves batteries to prolong runtime
  • Diagnostic LEDs indicate load level (high, medium, and low) and battery charge (high, medium, and low)
  • DC fusing protects inverter against overload
  • High-impact polycarbonate housing
  • RJ45 port allows connection of APS/PowerVerter Remote Switch (APSRM4)
  • Grounding lug properly connects the inverter system to earth ground or vehicle grounding system
  • Load sense function enables automatic inverter shutoff and startup as connected equipment is powered off and on.

Package Includes

  • PV2000FC Inverter
  • Instruction manual
RoHS compliant


UPC Code037332042194
Frequency Compatibility60 Hz
Pure Sine Wave Output  No
Output (Watts)2000
Nominal Output Voltage(s) Supported120V
Output Receptacles(2) 5-15R
Continuous Output Capacity (Watts)2000
Peak Output Capacity (Watts)4000
Output Voltage Regulation  Maintains PWM sine wave output voltage of 120 V AC (+/-5%)
Output Frequency Regulation  60 Hz (+/- 0.3 Hz)
Overload ProtectionCircuit breaker
Recommended Electrical ServiceRequires 12V DC input source capable of delivering 200A for the required duration (when used at full capacity). For automotive applications, professional hardwire installation with 400A battery system fusing is recommended
Maximum Input Amps / WattsFull continuous load - 200A at 12V DC, No load - 2.2A at 12V DC
Input Connection TypeSet of 2 DC bolt-down wiring terminals
Input Cord Length DetailsUser supplies cabling; 2/0 gauge or larger recommended
Voltage Compatibility (VDC)12
DC System Voltage (VDC)12
Front Panel LEDsSet of 6 LEDs offers continuous status information on load percentage (6 levels reported) and battery charge level (7 levels reported). See manual for sequences
Switches3-position on/off/remote switch enables simple on/off power control plus "remote" setting that enables distant on/off control of the inverter system when used in conjunction with optional  APSRM4  accessory
Cooling MethodFan
Form Factors SupportedMounting slots enable permanent placement of inverter on any horizontal surface (see manual for additional mounting information)
Material of ConstructionPolycarbonate
Shipping Dimensions (hwd / in.)12.90 x 14.70 x 19.00
Shipping Weight (lbs.)44.00
Unit Dimensions (hwd / in.)7.25 x 8.5 x 16.25
Unit Weight (lbs.)39.0
Relative Humidity0-95% non-condensing
Load SensingOptional load sense function enables automatic inverter shutoff and startup as connected equipment is powered off and on. Front panel load sense potentiometer can be set to shutoff or turn on inverter power in response to loads of any level
CertificationsMeets UL458 (USA, Canada), RoHS Compliant
Product Warranty Period (Worldwide)1-year limited warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

FC-series inverters are able to support an overpower situation for an hour, so they are better suited for industrial or heavy-duty devices. HF-series inverters are not capable of supporting overpower situations for more than 500 milliseconds.
APS series inverters can accept and pass AC input power. They also have a built in battery charger circuit.
Yes, we offer Pure Sine Wave Inverters. Visit our Inverters product category and filter for Pure Sine Wave Output. A pure sine wave inverter produces a smooth, sinusoidal AC output with a low level of distortion for better performance. A PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) Wave inverter produces a multi-step AC output that approximates a sinusoidal AC output with a higher level of distortion.
APS-series inverters include a built-in battery charger. See our Inverter Buying Guide on for additional information and help with selection.

Additional FAQs may be available on the PV2000FC model support page.


Power Inverter Accessories
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APSRM4 | Power Inverter Accessories APSRM4 Remote Control Module for Tripp Lite PowerVerter Inverters and Inverter/Chargers

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WEXT1E 1-Year Extended Warranty - For select Tripp Lite Products
WEXT2E 2-Year Extended Warranty - For select Tripp Lite Products
WEXT3E 3-Year Extended Warranty - For select Tripp Lite Products

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